Catching Up With Old Friends

So today I went to lunch with this girl who I used to be best friends with when I was in high school. We had a fall out during our freshman year in college, but actually got back in contact about a year ago! Since then we on and off text, and today we had […]

In a bit of a Funk

While my funk is starting to pass, I can honestly say that the election has taken a toll on my mental health. I was so hopeful that the election wasn’t going to turn out the way it did. I still remember the night of the election when I saw that Trump was getting all these […]

Lush & Sephora Haul

So I’ve been re-watching the show Gossip Girl, and every time I watch that show, it makes me want to be “fabulous”. So yesterday I went to the mall with my sister, and bought a whole bunch of random stuff that I really didn’t need. I went to Sephora, and bought a new liquid liner. […]


so since I already have a blog with another site, I took a long time to decide whether I wanted to create a new blog or not. On one hand I already make original content on my other blog, and have a following, but I want to open myself up to a new audience. So […]