April Favorites!

It’s that time of the month again. As always I’m a month behind, but when you’re looking for recommendations for things, it doesn’t really matter when you guys get them! Let’s get right into it. TV – Chewing Gum: This show is hilarious. It’s a Netflix original. It really really weird, but I’m constantly laughing […]

The start of a new chapter.

I graduate in a little over a week. There I said it. Everyone’s saying “ohh, you must be so excited” or “you must be so happy”. To be honest, I don’t know how I feel. When I really think about it, the best adjective I would use is indifferent. Now, most of you guys must […]

Please do not envy me.

In a world with all the glitz and glamour that is shown online and on social media, do not envy me. Online people show the best versions of themselves. Their lives seem so fun and fabulous, when in reality, everyone has issues. You will never fully know what someone’s life is like in the 140 […]

The Pressure to be Perfect.

I am nowhere close to perfect. For some people, it doesn’t bother them. For me, it always has. Growing up, I’ve always felt that I’d been so blessed to have the opportunities that I had. My parents were always working so hard in order to give me and my siblings everything we needed and more. […]