The Truth about Alzheimer’s.

If you guys have been here since the beginning of my blog, you would know that my grandma has Alzheimer’s. I usually speak extremely lightly of it. I don’t really like making people feel uncomfortable about it when I bring it up. I mean what can they say, “I’m sorry her brain is basically destroying […]

Summer Reading List 2017

Hey guys! So it’s been about three weeks since I’ve written a book review. Terrible, right? I’ve been really enjoying my summer to the fullest, and haven’t really been wanting to write a book review recently. I know some of you guys really look forward to reading my opinions on the books I read, but […]

Coconut Lane UK Haul!

Hey guys, so I’ve been wanting to post this for a while now, but haven’t taken the time out to take the pictures! So a few months ago, I bought a few lovely things from the store Coconut Lane. I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products that I decided to share […]

The start of YouTubing.

Hey guys, I hope you guys have been having a fabulous summer! If you guys know me in real life, most of you would know that I’ve been on and off wanting to create a YouTube channel for ages! I love the process of coming up what to talk about, record it, and edit it! […]