After Hours by Claire Kennedy – 3 1/2 Stars

Okay, so when you are looking at the cover of this book, you think that the book is going to be some sort of cliche. Well surprise surprise, it actually isn’t. The book actually takes place in a restaurant, and it’s about all of the drama and secrets that are going on between the employees. Four in particular. There’s Isa, Peter, Xavi, and Finn. Now the real drama happens in the restaurant with their famous game, Tips.

Tips is a game that anybody who works in the restaurant can buy into. Every two weeks, all the employees can put in about 20% of their wages in order to get a change to take on the dare of the night. During each game of Tips one person is to make a dare, before the dare is announced people who want a chance to take the dare put money in, once the dare is announced, people can back down, but end up forfeiting their money. If there is more than one person who wants to take the dare, their name gets put into the hat and the person who gets chosen does the bet. But what happens when they win? The winner gets a huge sum of money. They never really specify the amount, but from the way everyone says that it’s more than all the tips they would collect all summer i would assume it’s a lot considering they work in a fancy restaurant.
So the book is actually written in each of the four main character’s perspectives, which I actually liked. I usually get a little weary when there are more than two perspectives. I feel like it takes a certain amount of talent to write about more than two perspectives in a book and keep them all pretty interesting.
There was a point in the story where I feel like each character was going through too much, if that makes any sense, but I feel like in the end almost everything worked out. I guess my main disappointment was with the couple I shipped that didn’t end up together.
If you want a shocking and entertaining read with lots of drama from beginning to end, I totally recommend.
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2 Replies to “After Hours by Claire Kennedy – 3 1/2 Stars”

  1. At first glance, I figured the story would be set in an airplane and be something about the mile high club, lol! I guess you’re right to not judge a book by the cover. I do enjoy a good dramatic book every now and then. I really do need to get back into reading!

    1. You should! I love reading, what kind of books do you tend to read?

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