April Favorites!

It’s that time of the month again. As always I’m a month behind, but when you’re looking for recommendations for things, it doesn’t really matter when you guys get them! Let’s get right into it.



Chewing Gum: This show is hilarious. It’s a Netflix original. It really really weird, but I’m constantly laughing at what’s happening. Season two went up last month, so if you have nothing else to watch and want to have a good laugh, then I totally think you should watch it.

The Great British Baking Show: Me and my sister are obsessed with cooking shows of all kind, and we were so excited when we saw that this show was added on Netflix! Every episode they specialize in a specific pastry/dessert!

House M.D.: So I know that I put this up also last month, but I’m still obsessed with this show! Guys, you really have to watch this show.


Milk and Honey: I’m not going to write too much about it, since I wrote a whole post about it (click here), but I still think you guys should read it if you haven’t already!

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets: I’m rereading the series, and so I have to talk about how amazing the books are! You are missing out on life if you haven’t read them. They are collectively my favorite books of all time.


Häagen-Dazs Strawberry Ice Cream: It’s been warming up, and I’ve been getting back into my ice cream obsession, and no ice cream is better than Haagen Dazs.

Favorite Memory

This is an easy one! My favorite memory was going to the Big Sean concert with my girl Kim. She had an extra ticket and she was so sweet and gifted me the ticket. We had such an amazing time, and left more obsessed with Big Sean than I came in! Such a great experience.


As always, I made you guys a playlist of a few songs I’ve been listening to throughout the month of April! I forgot to add a lot of songs, but it’s okay, cause I got you guys next month for sure!

Beauty Products

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz: During the month of April it was 21 days of beauty and so I got to buy a whole bunch of these for $10 each! It was a dream come true, because I already love these products, so to get them half off was amazing.

Becca Creme Highlighter in the shade Opal: It’s getting closer to summer, which means that I want to have a nice glow! This is my go-to product, and haven’t gone to other highlighters since!

Maybelline Eraser Concealer: I’ve tried so many concealers, but a lot of high street makeup don’t compare to this drug store concealer. If you’re looking for a high coverage concealer, this is one you should really try! If you want something a little lighter, the FIT me concealer by Maybelline is also very good.


So this is all I have to share with you lovely people this month! Let me know what your favorite products/things are for the month. Have a wonderful day/night.


-Melina xxx

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2 Replies to “April Favorites!”

  1. Love your list of products! I really want to try something from Becca, as all of their products seem gorgeous!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I’ve only tried their highlighter but i’m interested in trying their other products too! Thanks for reading Hannah! Let me know if you ever try any of the Becca products xxx

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