August Bullet Journal Spreads!

Hello Everyone, I hope you guys are enjoying the end of your summer! The temperature has been changing a bit around hear, but we’ve still been having pretty warm days. As much as I’m excited for Fall to start, I’m a little sad that summer is coming to an end.

As you guys all know, I’m going to show you guys how my August bullet journal spreads ended up coming along. I changed things up a bit this month, and think it looks much neater than July!


So the first page, as usual is my blogging schedule. I think this is the one page that has consistently stayed the same throughout the months. You can see on the bottom I made the mistake of not adding enough days to the month, whoops! I still think it looked pretty nice.


On the next two pages you see the monthly view of August and on the left I put some Blog post ideas and Youtube Ideas. I actually didn’t use the monthly view very much, but I still like having it there so I can see the view of the calendar easily. On the right, I liked having some blog post ideas, but I don’t think this is something I’m going to do every month. I just needed to plan for the week I was going to be gone in Costa Rica, so I really liked having it there. I didn’t really use the YouTube channel ideas section, so I won’t be putting it up there anymore.


Finally the spreads come up next. You can see that instead of creating complete long rectangles, I left the rectangle open with only two sides colored in. I even added a little section that you can see a mini monthly calendar, which shows what week we’re on. At the end of the week I also added a weekly stats. I liked seeing how I improved on a weekly basis compared to just monthly.


The next few pages are extremely similar, but you can see that I bought these super cute stickers in H mart, which I used to fill out the empty space.


Finally I have a page to get me started for Halloween! These are all the movies me and my group of friends are going to watch throughout the month. Most of these we’ve all watched before, but love them to get us in the mood. If you guys want a post on this, let me know!


This is another weekly spread. I actually forgot to update my weekly stats!


Since I had extra space on the bottom of this spread, i decided to add that happiest memories throughout the month and a section for what I achieve throughout the month. I actually really liked having these, cause it made me appreciative for the memories I created throughout the entire month. I also bought these really cute stickers that I added on the bottom!


This last page was the packing list for Costa Rica, and a photo of me when I was in the Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica!

I added a few extra things throughout this month, and I hoped you liked it! If you have any questions about bullet journals you can check out my post here. If that post doesn’t answer your questions, you can comment below! I promise I’ll get back to you.

Well, I hope you guys all have a wonderful day/night. Sending all of you love and positive energy.

-Melina xxx

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6 Replies to “August Bullet Journal Spreads!”

  1. And for whatever reason, I couldn’t comment on your posts via WordPress, so I had to come to your actual site to comment.

  2. Very nice post here Melina, I need to get myself a Bullet Journal. It seems really useful for a variety of things. Have you found yourself using it more than a personal journal?

  3. I love bullet journal-posts. It always gives me so much inspiration to make a nice planner for myself! I really like the style of your bullet journal, I also use a lot of green colors in my planner 🙂 xo

    1. Green’s my favorite color if you couldn’t tell, aha! Thanks for reading love xxx

  4. I love these posts, as I find them really inspiring! I also love how you have added a happiest memory bit; that will be so nice to look back on!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Do you have your own bullet journal? Thanks for reading Hannah xxx

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