#ILiveitIBlogit Campaign

Hello lovely ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back to my blog, and if this is your first time then welcome! If you stay involved in the blogging community on twitter, you would know that Sunday was the start of the #ILiveitIBlogit campaign. This campaign was a way to show diversity and bring people together. I am so […]

The Truth about Alzheimer’s.

If you guys have been here since the beginning of my blog, you would know that my grandma has Alzheimer’s. I usually speak extremely lightly of it. I don’t really like making people feel uncomfortable about it when I bring it up. I mean what can they say, “I’m sorry her brain is basically destroying […]

The start of YouTubing.

Hey guys, I hope you guys have been having a fabulous summer! If you guys know me in real life, most of you would know that I’ve been on and off wanting to create a YouTube channel for ages! I love the process of coming up what to talk about, record it, and edit it! […]

Why did I start blogging?

As I’m reaching my 6th month of blogging, I wanted everyone to know why I started blogging. Almost a whole ago back I hit a new low, even for me. I didn’t know what to do and had no motivation to do anything purposeful. So why did I start blogging? I was talking to a trusted […]