Essentials to bring on a plane!

I’ve flown on planes plenty of times. The more I travel, the more I realize that there are little things that would make my flight smoother. I have finally come up with the perfect mini checklist to ensure that I have a comfortable flight. I thought that I would share my essentials with you guys today!

My Go-To’s:

Now I would like to mention that these items are great to have during long flights. If you’re flying for a short period of time, then I would think you wouldn’t need all these items.

Baby wipes

I was actually watching a YouTube video the other day, and saw that this girl always brought baby wipes with her. When I thought about all the germs that are on a plane, I thought it was a genius idea!  During my flight to California, I brought them with me and I was so happy I did. I felt like I could relax anyway I wanted to without being disgusted.


This is something that is necessary during long trips. My friend Erika and I took red eye flights, so it was super handy to have our own pillows with us. It prevents us from having sore necks from sleeping uncomfortably.


This is something that is so necessary for me. People tend to think that since they can’t bring liquids on a plane, they can’t bring food! That is not the case at all. During this trip, I brought chocolate and some chips. The food on planes are so expensive, so it’s just better to bring your own stuff with you.


For someone who likes watching movies or listening to music, this is important. Listening to anything helps the time pass much quicker. They sometimes sell headphones on a plane, but they usually aren’t very comfortable. To prevent spending money on something unnecessary, don’t forget to bring your own!


Most planes come with some sort of WiFi. On my way to California, they let us watch recent movies on our tablets. It’s another way to keep yourself entertained. On the plane, I saw that they were charging people $10 in order to rent the tablet for the flight!


For my fellow bookworms out there, this is a must for any long trips. While reading, time flies. The only problem with books is that they take up a lot of space and weigh a lot. If you don’t have space for a book, then download some on your tablet, phone, or computer!


While being in the air for a while, you can become so dehydrated. The air on a plane is extremely drying. I was so grateful that I remembered to pack my chapstick!


The final thing I think you should bring on a flight is a blanket. The air on planes tend to fluctuate between freezing and sweating. To prevent the freezing aspect of flying, it’s handy to bring a blanket with you. If you don’t have space for a blanket, then bring a comfortable large jacket or sweater as a substitute.


I hope you guys are having an amazing day!

-Melina xxx


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6 Replies to “Essentials to bring on a plane!”

  1. I’m really silly when I go travelling, because I always forget to take what I need out of my suitcase before we take off! x //

    1. I get so upset when I forget something in my bag! Thanks for reading xxx

  2. Such a good post, I’m always freezing on a plane and a blanket is for sure something I should considering bringing with me! I also love those neck pillows for the shorter flights those are a game changer lol I also have read from many other people about bringing baby wipes, I need to jump on that bandwagon!

    xo, JJ

    1. I have been bringing my pillow pet with me, and it’s helped me loads! and yes girl!, deff think about getting baby wipes, they are a game changer for sure xxx

  3. A sandwich ?

    1. That’s so true, completely forgot about legitimate food xxx

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