Our Numbered Days by Neil Hilborn – 3 1/2 Stars

Hey guys! Hope you guys have been having a great week. Today I wanted to talk about a book very outside of anything I normally read. I’ve been really trying to get into poetry, and I found a poem by Neil online, and decided that he should be the first poetry book I wanted to invest in. Some of you may actually know the poem OCD by him! When I watched his spoken word video of it, it literally gave me chills. Below I decided to add the link, because it really hits me hard every single time I hear it.

Take a few minutes just to listen to this video without interruptions. After hearing this, you have a better idea on why I decided to get this book. So I got it on Amazon.

Now onto what I actually thought about the actual book. There are over 40 poems in it and 63 pages. Some of the poems weren’t anything I could relate to, but I enjoyed reading them. There were multiple that spoke to me on a deeper level. A lot of the poems dealt with mental illness, relationship issues, and overall issues about his internal thoughts.

This was a great introduction into poetry. I always considered poetry to be written for intelligent people. It just always took a while for me to decode it and understand what they were trying to say. While taking a few classes in college, it’s helped me to appreciate this art form much more! I can’t wait for the next one I get.

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-Melina xxx

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