Recap on Christmas Eve and Christmas!

Hey guys! I hope you had a great Christmas/Christmas Eve/ Hanukkah! It’s crazy that all these holidays could be happening at the same time.

Christmas Eve

As I mentioned in my other post Christmas Eve happened at my house. It wasn’t a huge gathering, but was still fun nonetheless. It was my household, which is five of us, Sofia, Nicholas, my mom, my dad and I, then my grandparents, my uncle and his boyfriend, and my aunt, my cousin and my other uncle.

The meal was amazing! We had loads of wine and took turns telling funny and amusing stories. The one thing that was a reoccurring theme was the presidential election, or more so the new president-elect. I’ve probably mentioned this, but I am not a fan of Trump at all. Actually I could say that I’m extremely unsupportive of Trump as the new president. Overall it was still a fun night. Since all my siblings in our house are grown now, this was the first Christmas Eve where we had all of the gifts under the tree. It was so nice to see all the gifts around the tree for an elongated amount of time.

Christmas Day

Fast forward to Christmas day, and we woke up pretty early, thanks to my brother, Nicholas. After everyone was settled in their seats, we took turns passing the gifts around. It was so nice to see what everyone had gotten each other. (I’m gonna make a post tomorrow about what I had gotten!).

We even had the pleasant surprise of my older brother coming to visit! He was supposed to work on Christmas day, but he told me that they had given him the day off. So we all spent most of the morning playing with our new games, toys, and gadgets. Later in the afternoon, my brother said he had to go back to Connecticut, so he left, while we went to my grandparents house to see the rest of the family. We brought all the leftover food and gifts to their house.  

Once there, me and my sister played Machi Koro with my uncle Gabby and Eric. Its this really fun game where you have to build your city before the other three people do. It’s a little similar to Catan.

After all the food had been heated up, we all sat around the table and ate. Finally we opened gifts! Everyone seemed extremely happy about what they had gotten. After all the gifts had been open, we actually decided to play a game of Catan!

This is actually very different than most of my Christmas’, but it was actually pretty fun. I’m a huge fan of board games, so playing Machi Koro and Catan was super fun for me.

I hope you guys had a fun time over the last few days!

-Melina xxx

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