Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt – 3 Stars

I only bought this book, cause i liked her style of writing in Two Way Street, and to be honest this book was alright. My favorite part about this story is that you get to see Courtney and Jordan, which were the main characters from Two Way Street. I love when authors make main characters from one of their books into supporting characters in another book. They actually show up a lot surprisingly.
Well back to the book review. The book is about two people Jace & Peyton, who meet once during a Winter Break. They decide to keep a long distance relationship, and all of a sudden Jace stops answering Peyton’s emails, text messages, and phone calls.
She becomes completely distraught, and while this is happening Peyton’s family life is falling apart. Destiny seems to bring them back together for a wedding, and then they are off together on a road trip.
The story is supposed to be a companion novel to Two Way Street, so i guess it would make sense that it would use a road trip as the way the get to bond again.
I actually enjoyed the book. I actually read it in one sitting! I mean I didn’t like the fact that they said they fell in love in the few days they spent together during winter break. Even worse that they couldn’t get over each other in the months between their winter break and the wedding in the summer. I guess once you get over that fact, the book isn’t that bad. If you like cute cliches like i do, then I recommend.

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10 thoughts on “Right of Way by Lauren Barnholdt – 3 Stars

  1. Seems like a good book! I’ll have to give “Two Way Street” a read before this one. Also, it’s amazing people can finish books in one sitting! One day, I hope to do that haha! Great post!


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