The Fourth Wish by Lindsay Ribar – 3 Stars

This book was a sequel to the book The Art of Wishing. If you read the first book you would know that the book needed to be continued. It left you in a way that you were comfortable with the way it ended, but you still knew that there was more to the story left…if that makes any sense?
The book continues Margo and Oliver’s story/romance. It’s cute, interesting, and entertaining. Like i said for my first review. I have never read a book that has genies in it, so this sequel added new things that i found really interesting.
This book ended in a way that I wanted to know what happened, but I don’t want her to write another book about it. All the conflicts have been completely resolved, and i’m happy with how it ended. I would recommend this duology (Totally made that word up). It was cute and had a nice twist to it.
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