The start of YouTubing.

Hey guys, I hope you guys have been having a fabulous summer! If you guys know me in real life, most of you would know that I’ve been on and off wanting to create a YouTube channel for ages! I love the process of coming up what to talk about, record it, and edit it! I’m not perfect or anything, but it gives me immense happiness.

Are you ready for this…

I finally started taking it seriously! For the last two weeks I’ve been posting a video a week! Right now they’re both vlogs, cause my life has been ever so hectic, but on top of that, I’ve been doing lots of pretty exciting things! I know some of you have asked what my life is like, and maybe through these videos you’ll get a greater insight into my life!

Below I have put my first two videos (I actually have more videos, but they aren’t very good, so watch at your own risk). I’m so excited to be sharing this with you guys. If you have anything specific that you would like me to do, please let me know in the comments below! I’m open to doing a whole bunch of different videos. Also, I would love you loads if you subscribed to my lil’ channel.



So I hope you guys have a great day/night. Sending loads of positive vibes as always!


– Melina xxx

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16 Replies to “The start of YouTubing.”

  1. Congrats on making that huge step!! It is still a dream of mine <3

    1. It’s never too late to start! xxx

  2. Congrats on starting a YouTube channel!! Hope great things come your way from this xx

    1. Thank you so much! xxx

  3. Yay for starting up a YouTube channel, your first two videos look fab!

    Alybell | UK Personal Style and Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks so much Alice! I’m hoping to try and post a video a week. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see, please let me know xxx

  4. beautylifemom says: Reply

    See, I love that you just go for things!! I’ve always contemplated doing a YT but just never got it started! This is so exciting! Can’t wait to see more of you on the big screen!

    1. Thank you so much jen xxx

  5. I subscribed! Congrats on starting your channel =D

    1. Thanks so much Cleia! If could give me any constructive criticism, let me know!

      1. You’re welcome! I don’t really know much about video editing to be honest, but I’ll let you know if I have any thoughts in the future!

        1. Yes! Please let me know Cleia xxx

  6. I think it so good that you have taken this step. YouTube and vlogging is a daunting thing for most people and I don’t feel quite ready. But you are a natural. 🙂 xxx

    1. It’s deff taking a bit of getting used to for sure! Especially, talking in front of a camera! I am so flattered that you think I look natural in front of the camera. That is definitely the goal. I hope you subscribe to my channel xxx

      1. I have plans to eventually move to YouTube (one of those people as well that keeps talking about it). Right now, I don’t really have a channel. But fingers crossed it will be sorted soon and then I can support your YouTube! xxx

        1. Please let me know when you do, because i would love to support you the moment you so ??

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