So while i’ve imported the blog posts from the other blogs, well at least some of them, I still felt like I should make an official announcement celebrating the official launch of my own official site. I’ve been considering making my own official blog for a few years now, but never felt like people would want to read what I have to say. While I have had other blogs before and have been successful, I was nervous to take the official leap and pay for my own URL and stuffs.

But luckily this blog is all mine! I’m still tweaking it a bit, but I am honestly so happy to call this portion of the internet mine. I’ve been doing really well staying current with my blog, updating at least once a week. Since the school semester is ending soon and I have some fun trips planned soon, I will be posting more often.

So for those of you who have followed me onto this site, Thanks for the support! For those of you who are new, Welcome! I’m so excited to bring out some new exciting content.


have a nice day/night!

– -Melina xxx

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