10 Things I learned in the last 23 years.

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I hope you’ve been having a beautiful last couple days. I can honestly say I’m having an amazing time. I’m writing this post early because of the fact that I’m going on a cruise this week in celebration of my 23rd birthday! I’ve written up and scheduled a few posts, so you guys won’t even know that I’m gone.

In celebration of me turning 23 I’m going to be putting up a few pictures from last year and am going to talk about 10 things that I’ve learned throughout my life.

  1. The Importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.

    I cannot stress how important this is. Throughout the last year people have either left my life or I have cut them off, and I am so grateful to have the group of friends that I do. These people are so supportive and so caring and I am so happy to have them in my life. As I’m getting older, I realize I have no time for drama and bullshit. I don’t have time for petty shit. I just want to be happy and surround myself by other people who are also trying to enjoy their lives. If you haven’t done this already, I heavily stress that you weed out anyone that you don’t need in your life.img_1678

  2. Positivity goes a long way. 

    I have always considered myself to be a positive person. I try to brighten everyone’s day and try to look on the bright side. I feel like when I have a positive outlook on life, things just tend to work out for me for the better.

  3. I will never get too old for anime/cartoons

    When I was younger people would always say that I would outgrow certain things, but I’m telling you that this is completely false. I still love Disney and cartoons just as much, if not more so now.

  4. Same goes for video games

    While I may not have as much time to play when I do it’s just as fun as when I was younger.

  5. A good book can change your whole outlook on life

    As you guys know, I love reading. I even write weekly book reviews! While I read a lot, there are only a few books that have changed my outlook on life. If  you get even one of those moments in your lifetime, it would be worth it.

  6. You really can do anything you set your mind to

    I always believed this quote was true, but I hadn’t realized how true until recently. I think hard work, ambition, and determination are the ingredients to getting anything and everything you want out of life. Don’t let anyone allow you to undermine your abilities, because you can do it.

  7. A night in can be just as good, or better, than a night out

    I consider myself to be an ambivert. I had moments in my life where I was a hermit and never wanted to leave the comforts of my home. I had another phase where I wanted to go out two to three times a week (my wallet was not happy). As of more recently, I’ve come to a healthy balance. I throw board game nights once every few months with my friends and we have a great time! We buy some wine or beer and just spend the night talking and laughing away. Other times we go out and dance the night away. Both are good, but I’ve definitely come to appreciate staying at home and having fun.

  8. Spending the day outside could significantly improve your mood.

    I love spending the day on my deck. I bring a book to read or just sit in the sun and tan. It improves my mood tenfold. Soak up that sun and you will see a change.

  9. It’s good to stray from routine

    I was always worried about being boring. I realized the way to stop that from happening is to stray from routine. If you have a day off, instead of spending it in bed, go to the city, take a hike, do something you’ve never done before. It’ll keep life more interesting. Remember, life’s to short, so enjoy the life you have now.

  10. Traveling is the best thing in the whole world.

    This I cannot stress enough! Traveling is so good for the soul. It teaches you so much about yourself and the wonderful world we live in. It’s one of the best forms of education there is. If you have the money, take a week off and discover a place you’ve never been to before.

I hope you guys get something out of this, I’ll keep you updated the moment I get back from my trip. Sending all my positive vibes your way!


-Melina xxx

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4 Replies to “10 Things I learned in the last 23 years.”

  1. I love that you include not being too old for things! I think there’s a stigma associated with adults playing video games, and it’s totally unnecessary. I also don’t have as much time for it as I used to, but it’s still something I look forward too.
    I wish I could read as fast as you, if I posted book reviews I would only have one post a month!

    1. Thank you so much for all the kind words! I try to make as much time as possible for the things I love ?

  2. TheCrimsonCardigan says: Reply

    You’re smiling in every single photo I see of you. I love that. You always make me smile. Your kind words, likes, shares, everything. You’re amazing. I agree with everything you shared – we all go through this life on a different path, and we make our own way. We can make the best of it all if we form our thoughts to be positive and uplifting.

    Ashlynn | http://thecrimsoncardigan.com

    1. This is such a flattering comment! Thank you so so much Ashlynn for the beyond kind words. I am so for positivity and uplifting one another. Thank you for commenting and for always supporting me xxx

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