2016 Gift Guide:

So today I’ve put together a bunch of ideas, sorted by price range that you could get someone for Christmas. I tried to put gift ideas that you could get anyone (for him or her). So let’s begin!


Gifts under $25

Festive Seasonal Body Butter Trio //NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Set // Breakfast at Tiffany’s 4 Pc Mini Set //  Full Sparks Gift Set // Sushi UBS Flash Drive // Genie Wine Stopper // Rhino Book Ends // Drunk, Stoned or Stupid Card Game // Fantastic Beats Screenplay // Lenses for Iphone/Android // Army Man Bottle Opener // Darth Vader Digital Clock

Now I know that a lot of these items here look like they are beauty products, but I assure you that this gift guide won’t be full of women only products! Now I love the Body Shop, and their body butters make my skin feel so smooth. For $16.00 you get three of them. It’s the perfect gift for a co-worker or a friend you want to get a little something for.

Now the next product is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. I have tried this product before, and they glide onto your lips. They are so comfortable, and don’t make your lips chapped at all. It’s a cute stocking stuffer idea.

Now for those of you that love nail polish, I thought this OPI collection was too cute. It’s based on Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The colors are totally festive. It’s a cute little something to get someone.

The Soap & Glory Full Sparks Gift Set is the perfect girly gift. It comes with a lip gloss and a body shimmer lotion. I’ve never tried their products, but people say that they are usually very good!

So this is one of the quirky gifts that I decided to add onto this gift guide. Since I am a college student, I know how useful flash drives are. This one is super cute, cause it’s in the shape of a piece of sushi.

This is an inexpensive gift idea. For those of use who are legally able to drink wine, this is the perfect gift. It’s in the shape of a genie, referencing “genie in a bottle”. This is especially perfect for those friends/coworkers/family members that love drinking wine.

The next one is perfect for those bookworms. These are Rhino bookends. They look so cool and is a great way to stop your books from falling over.

Now I’m a sucker for board games, so I couldn’t stop myself from putting at least one on this gift guide. The board game is called Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid. It’s basically an 18+ version of “who is the most likely to…” game. I was doing some research and some of these cards are hilarious.

I could’ve chosen any book, because I always think that books are the best gift for anyone who likes to read, but I decided to specifically choose the new Harry Potter world themed book. I watched the movie and absolutely loved it, I am dying to get my hands on this book. Perfect for Harry Potter Lovers.

This gift is great for people who love taking high quality photos. You put these lenses on the back camera on your phone. This way you don’t even need to bring a high quality camera with you. It’s pretty cool cause these lenses are compatible with android or iPhone.

This is another inexpensive gift that I ran into. It’s an army man bottle opener. These are the kind of toys kids played with when I was younger, so I feel like it brings that sort of nostalgia.

This is the last item I have chosen is this alarm clock, but it’s not just any alarm clock! It’s a Darth Vader alarm clock. It’s so cute, I saw it and honestly fell in love. It looks extra mini, but it’s nine inches tall! Perfect gift since the new Star Wars movie is coming out in a few weeks.

Gifts under $50

Sephora Geometricolor Palette // Kat Von D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set // First Aid Beauty FAB Beautique // Smashbox Light It Up 3 Palette Set // Tarte Kiss Bliss Tarteist Set // Too Faced Naughty Kisses & Sweet Cheeks Set // Wall Mounted Wood Shelf with Magnetic Keyhook // PyroPet Cat Candle // Neff’s Black Analog Watch // Kate Spade Clear Umbrella // Ceramic Tea Pot & Infuser // Lush’s Santa In Space

Of course I had to start with some great Christmas sets. The first one is the Sephora Geometricolor Palette set. They come up with something similar to this every year. This is a great gift for someone who loves to experiment with loads of different colors.

Everyone in the makeup world knows about the great reviews Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks get. For Christmas this year they have 8 shades in one bundle! It’s a great deal, specially if you didn’t wanna invest in one full sized lipstick cause you didn’t know what shade you wanted.

First Aid Beauty is one of the best skincare products. They’re usually really pricey, so this is an amazing deal. This set comes with 4 different skin products.

The next one is the Smashbox Light it up set. It comes with a highlight & Contour palette, a lip palette, and an eye palette. Smashbox eye shadows are super pigmented. This is a good gift idea.

The next one is a lip set from Tarte. It comes with 5 lip liners and 5 liquid lipsticks. Therefore, the whole set comes with 10 different pieces! Tarte’s known to have good products, even though I haven’t tried most of their products. The set itself looks so pretty.

When I saw that Too faced has a set, I almost wanted to splurge and get this myself. I am obsessed with all of their products. They are all packaged super cute and on top of that, their products are good quality.

Since I’m planning on moving out soon, I keep looking at all these really cute simple little knickknacks for my place. While this might not be the usual Christmas gift, this is something that is super useful! Everyone needs a place to put their keys.

There’s been this huge trend in candles. I am super sensitive to scented stuff, so I don’t usually buy candles, but I have to admit that this geometric cat candle is super cute.

Now I’m pretty sure this is a men’s watch? I love all black watches, I actually own one from Michael Korrs! It matches with everything, and is just such a cool fashion statement.

I’ve been thinking that I needed a new umbrella recently, so I saw this one and fell in love. I always lose my umbrella, because I just leave them at random places, and don’t realize I left it somewhere til I want to use it again. This year the bubble looking umbrellas like these have been really popular! It’s a thoughtful gift idea.

Some people like coffee and some people like tea, I saw this tea pot and thought it was super cute. It’s made out of ceramic and has a infuser on the inside, so you could put loose herbs in it!

Finally, I chose some bath bombs from Lush. They have a whole bunch of different sets on their website. I chose this one specifically because the bath bombs come in a lunch box type of container that you could reuse for something else.

Gifts Under $75

Sephora Sparkle & Shine Brush Set // Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream // Philosophy Pure Grace Set // Urban Decay Full Frontal Reloaded Vice Lipstick Stash // Darth Vader Portable Charger // Record Player // Nest Citrine Perfume // Samsung Gear VR // Fjallravan Kanken Daypack // Stainless Steel Bartender Accessories // Terrarium Set // Cinema Lightbox 

Now the first think I have listed here is a set of brushes. For all those makeup lovers, this set is perfect. It comes with its own carrying case, and comes in a pretty gold color.

The second thing is perfume. This perfume has been a best seller for years. It’s soft, feminine, clean, and floral-y. Perfume is always a bit difficult to get people if you don’t know them very well, but if you’re confident in knowing what kind of perfumes to get them, this is the perfect idea!

Philosophy has a huge product line of shower gels. For Christmas, they released a 5 piece set of different products, all in the scent of Pure Grace. Their shower gels don’t leave my skin dry at all, and I love the variety of scents they have. Check it out!

Urban Decay is another brand that I absolutely love. I feel like the succeed in almost any product they make. These new lipsticks are absolutely amazing. They sent me a whole bunch of samples of these lipsticks a few months back. The colors are beautiful. In this set it comes with 5 colors and a lip liner.

Now I know I already listed a Star Wars themed product, but I couldn’t help myself! In this day and age everyone uses their phones all day long, and usually need to charge their phones more than once a day. This is honestly the perfect gift, you don’t have to necessarily get this one, any portable charger would work!

I am a music lover, and therefore, have a love for records. There’s something about records that digital music can’t compete with. There’s a rawness that makes listening to music so much better. I’m telling you if you get the chance to listen to music on a record player, please do so!

This is another perfume that’s a best seller. This product hasn’t been around as long as the Daisy collection from Marc Jacobs, but I went to the store the other day and the sales associate was telling me that everyone loved Nest’s scents! Give them a look.

For all of those tech-y people out there, this is probably going to be the future. Virtual reality is honestly so cool. I’ve looked up some videos on YouTube about it, and I’m sort of amazed how far technology has come. Now the one I have above is only meant for the Samsung Galaxy phones, so do your research. They’re super cool though and perfect for people who love to be ahead of the times with their gadgets.

These backpacks have been super trendy within the “Stubyblr” community. I have to admit they look pretty cool. They’re a normal backpack, but on the top they have two handles, which means that you can hold it like a handbag. Supposedly it also holds a whole bunch in it, which is super great for school students.

Now again, this is for those who love making mixed drinks. I have a lot of friends who are bartenders, so I thought of getting them something like this. It’s also in this pretty copper/rose gold color.

When I saw this I thought it was so cute. This is the best gift for super lazy people. I love plants, but I know that they would probably all die in my care. These plants are super super super low maintenance because they are self-sufficient. It needs very very little water. They are in these clear glass ball things, and you can hang them on you’re ceiling.

Finally, I saw this cool vintage cinema light box.  You can change the letters, so you can put quotes or phrases and change them as often as you want. It’s a cool decoration to put in your room or within your living space.

Gifts Under $100

Ugg Dakota // Fitbit Flex 2 // Amazon Kindle // NES Classic Edition // Fujifil Instax Mini 8 // LED Word Clock // Marc Jacobs About Last Night eye palette // Chloe Gift Set // Polaroid Cube // Mobile Projector // Bluetooth Speakers // Nixon Watch

You honestly can’t go wrong with giving someone a pair of warm, fuzzy moccasins! These are the Uggs ones. You can obviously always get a cheaper alternative, but for this price range, these are honestly amazing. Doesn’t hurt that they are known to have amazing customer service.

This is the perfect gift for those fitness lovers. You’re supposed to wear this one all the time so it can track you when you are awake and it also is supposed to track your sleep.

You honestly can’t go wrong with a tablet. This tablet is relatively inexpensive, but it has most of the popular apps. It also has amazing kindle reading section, so it has a huge selection of books. I actually got one for my cousin last year, and he absolutely loves it.

This is the best nerdiest throwback gift ever. When I was younger I used to play with the Nintendo NES like crazy. The best Mario, Mega Man, Zelda, Sonic, and Street Fighter games came out on this console. The graphics might not be the best, but these games are super fun. So earlier this year Nintendo revamped this console. It comes with two remotes, and they made a mini console with over 50 of the best selling games built into the console itself. The only bad thing is that if you already have existing game cartridges you can’t use those.

This is another great product for camera lovers. This is a revamped version of the Polaroid camera. Same concept with extra settings for different types of lighting. These cameras have been super trendy recently.

This clock is pretty cool. I’ve never seen a word clock before. It kind of looks like a piece of artwork, so it’s a good idea for decorating your room. Most people have phones or watches and really have no need for wall clocks, but this will make anyone’s place great!

This is another nice eye shadow kit, but this one’s by Marc Jacobs. I got some free eye shadows by Marc Jacobs once, and they were super pigmented, so I would assume these to have the same amazing quality.

Chloe perfume is another bestseller that has been on the market for a long time. I’ve never personally bought this perfume, but my sister has owned it and loved it.

This video camera is so cute. It’s really tiny, and whatever you record gets transfers onto your phone with an app!

This is a mini projection screen. You connect it to your phone using Bluetooth, and show videos and pictures! It’s another cool gadget that’s great for tech-y people.

I found this one on Amazon, but you could get any Bluetooth speakers. They are almost a necessary product. I have one by the company Bose, and I love it. It’s small and portable so I can bring it with me anywhere. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift, this is a great idea.

The final product I have is this Nixon watch. I like the fact that it’s black, and basic. It doesn’t have any numbers on it, but has these two different colored dots. As I said before I think you can’t go wrong with getting someone a watch. They are a great accessory.



So hopefully this gift guide helps you. Maybe you saw something here you liked or maybe it inspired you and gave you new ideas overall. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed. Continue enjoying your holidays!

-Melina xxx

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