2017 New Year’s Resolution!

New Year Resolution

I’ve never been a huge fan of resolutions because I felt like it was a way to set yourself up for failure. However, since starting my blog and making so many positive changes to my life, I feel like if you work hard then anything is possible. This year there are a few things I want to work hard on.


My list for 2017:


Take more Pictures

I have an amazing camera that I love taking photos on it. I just sometimes get so lazy, and don’t like to bring my heavy camera around. I love looking back on pictures and remembering what a great time I had that night/day/event. There’s this whole pros/cons when it comes to taking pictures, but I want to just take more for my own sake.


 Cook More/Eat Healthier

This goes hand and hand with my laziness. I don’t really mind the cleaning, but I hate washing dishes. I don’t really want to get used to eating out or anything, so I’m going to work on making some more meals at home and overall eating healthier. I got a few apps on my phone with fun recipes and stuff (BigOven, SideChef, Yummly).


Live by my own standards and less by others

I feel like this is something that is happening to me with age. I don’t have the desire to fit in or get approval of others. I am more likely to do what I want because I actually want to and not because someone else wants me to. I still consider myself to be a bit of a people pleaser, and sometimes that doesn’t work to my advantage. This year I plan to work on it more.


Spend less time on my phone

Sadly, I am one of those people obsessed with my phone. It isn’t necessarily to text people, but I spend a lot of time playing games, reading articles, and on social media. I want to spend more time living in the now, and less time on my phone. For example, when I’m out to dinner with my friends. I want to fully enjoy my time with them instead of looking at my phone.


Live Life & Be Happy

I am so hard on myself sometimes, and I need to realize that there are going to be setbacks in my life. I have to enjoy the present and be happy. Be grateful for all the amazing memories I have, and enjoy life. I want to travel more, have more fun, get a job that I love, and so much more. This all falls under to category of happiness, and is so so important to me.This is something I really want to work on.


So these are the things I’m going to try and achieve next year! I hope you guys have a happy new year!


-Melina xxx


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6 Replies to “2017 New Year’s Resolution!”

  1. Ah I agree with this too! I don’t make resolutions either. Working hard at things you want to do is the best way to be!

    1. I hope you achieve what you want to work towards! xxx

  2. This is actually a very good list of resolutions! I think I could take a leaf or two out of your book; there are certainly a few there that would benefit me a lot!
    Dani x

    1. It’s never to late to make your own list of resolutions! If you do make a post about it, let me know, cause I would love to see what you want to achieve throughout this year! xxx

  3. Literally every one of your resolutions apply to changes I want to make in the New Year too haha. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for commenting, I hope you achieve it all throughout this 2017! Happy New Year xxx

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