2018 Skincare Routine.

I made a post on twitter a few days ago stating that my skin has never felt this good, so I decided to write a post stating all the products I’ve been using recently.

I’ve added a lot of steps to my skincare routine in the past few months, and it’s doing my skin wonders, especially during the winter months. If you didn’t know I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. I can’t use extremely oily products because I will break out, and I can’t use anything overly scented or harsh, because it will irritate my skin.

Last year, when I first started my blog, I made a post of the products I was using at the time, so if you want to see that, you can click here. There are two products that I still use a year later, but there are also a few new products that I’ve introduced to my skin.

What Products I Use.

The first thing that I have to mention has to be by my favorite company Mario Badescue. It is the Mario Badescue Vitamin C Serum. I started using this product about six months ago, and I have to say that I’ve seen so many changes to my skin. You’re supposed to use this product underneath your foundation or moisturizer. I don’t typically use it under my foundation, because I use other products for my makeup, but I love using this underneath my moisturizer. It makes my face super bright and luminous.

The second product that I’ve been using is the Mario Badescue Rose Water. This product I swear by! I wrote about this product last year, and nothing has changed about my love for this product. I put this on top of my makeup, after I remove my makeup, in between wears, etc. If you haven’t tried this product yet, why not!? If you listen to anything I recommend, please, try this. It’s meant for all skin types, it’s super inexpensive, and it feels/smells amazing. There’s no reason you should not try it!

The next product I’m going to talk about is one that I’ve been raving about all over my instagram story (plug plug plug, if you haven’t followed my instagram, why not?! You can find me at heyyitsmelina). I got a sample of this product from a Sephora bag. This was a product I instantly fell in love with. This is the Dr. Jart+ Water Fused Ultimate Hydro Gel. This product makes my skin feel SO good. I put the serum underneath every other day, and then I put this on top. It just locks in all the moisture. It feels so light on my skin, which is great. I hate having super thick and heavy moisturizers on my face. It makes me feel so gross! I know this product is a little on the pricey side, so if you don’t wanna splurge on it, ask someone from Sephora to give you a little sample to take home with you before you buy the full size!

The next product is another new product that I’ve been using since around November and it’s the Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate. On nights that I don’t use the Mario Badescue Vitamin C Serum I use this product underneath my Dr. Jart+’s Hydro Gel. This product is also super light, and hydrates my skin to the max. This isn’t a standalone product. You can’t just use this on my skin and expect results, but this product does work when you add it to your routine. I honestly love this product so much and don’t think I’m going to find anything better to replace it ever!

Now this next product has been hyped up for so long, and I didn’t believe that this product would live up to the hype, but boy was I wrong. The Garnier Micellar Water is amazing. I use this at night to remove most, if not all of my makeup, and also in the morning in order to cleanse my face when I first wake up. I bought other micellar waters before this one, because I thought they all work the same, but I can’t believe how one brand could do something so right!  The hype is real. It’s super gentle on the skin, but still is able to get rid of eye makeup without any issues.

The final product is also a repeat from last year’s skincare routine, and that is the Mario Badescue Seaweed Cleansing Lotion. I use this product as a toner and as a cleanser. This product is super fresh, and makes my skin feel amazing. You guys know I truly love this product, since I’ve been using it for almost 2 1/2 years! It’s pretty reasonably priced too, so I think this would be a great addition to your skincare routine.

What are your favorite products in your skincare routine? Do you have any recommendations for me to try? I hope you liked reading about my skincare routine. If you have any questions, don’t forget to leave comment down below! I hope you guys have a wonderful day/night. Sending you all love, strength, and positivity!

– Melina xxx

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17 Replies to “2018 Skincare Routine.”

  1. Yes to Mario Badescu skincare products! I started using them a few months back and nothing has come close since. I also like using the Garnier Micellar water as a cleanser in the morning. I feel like, because I clean my face at night, I don’t need to use a super strong cleanser on my face in the morning and the micellar water is simple and gentle enough, but also really cleanses the skin.

    Thanks for sharing your routine!

    1. I’m so glad you agree with me in regards to his products! I absolutely love them! Which ones are your go-to? Thanks for reading Ali xxx

  2. I’ve got to try some of those mario badescu products!! The rosewater sounds amazing. I’m currently trying to get through some products from my advent calendar but when I’m finished I’ll definitely be picking some of these up 😊
    I’m so glad you love the Garnier micellar water, its a game changer. Great post Melina! xx

    1. I’m telling you, Mario Badescue may be one of my favorite skincare brands. Let me know how you like them once you get to try them out! and omg, I absolutely love the garnier micellar water! I think you were one of the first people who posted about it. I don’t know what I would do without it now! Thanks for reading cleia xxx

      1. I will, I’m not getting any subscriptions next month so I’ll have some money to spend on skincare 😊 I’m glad it worked out for you! I was surprised as well that other micellar waters don’t work as well as Garnier!

  3. Omg I loveeee that micellar water and Ive always wanted to try the rose water spray… I might have to treat myself for my birthday!! Loved this post melina! xoxo

    1. Definitely get it! It’s super reasonably priced ($7!) and it last a long time. Trust me I sometimes use this multiple times a day, and it’s still going strong! Let me know what you think about it once you buy it 🙂 xxx

  4. Oh I use the same micellar water, I agree that it is such an amazing product, I love it! 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing! xx

    1. Thanks for reading Marie ! xxx

    1. Your welcome love! Thanks for reading and commenting xxx

  5. That is great! I was looking for something good to clean the skin. I will try the micellar water. 😁

    1. Test it out and let me know how you like it ! xxx

  6. omg I’m obsessed with micellar water!!!! it’s soooo good!!!

    1. Micellar water has completely changed my life, aha! What brand do you use? Thanks for reading and commenting xx

  7. I see Mario Badescu and I’m sold. Legit my favourite skincare company; they’re AMAZING xx

    1. Completely agree! Every product I try, I implement it into my daily skincare routine. What’s your favorite product of theirs? Thanks for reading! xx

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