Rudeness for the Sake of Being Rude is not Okay.

Hi everyone, welcome to the second week of the new year! I hope you’ve all been having a great first week. I wanted to talk about something that I’ve had on my mind for a little while. I didn’t realize until yesterday when I was talking about it with my friend, Jill, that it bothered me this much.

As you all know, I went on a dinner cruise for New Years Eve. It was quite expensive for the night, and as expected there were a lot of people there with money. Everything was amazing, the servers were so pleasant, the food was delicious, and the views of New York were beyond beautiful. The night was short from being perfect.

There was one thing that I noticed while I was there that really bothered me. Some of the other guests were so rude to the help! I couldn’t believe it. The servers were so nice and fun to talk to. They were also extremely accommodating. I don’t understand why anyone would be rude to them. Was it because they thought the servers were beneath them?


This might be the second time that I saw such blatant disrespect to someone for no actual reason. Of course some people have more of a right to be rude when they are misunderstood or when they are frustrated for some other reason. What I saw on New Years Eve wasn’t that though. It was being rude because they could be rude.


No matter how much money you make, where you live, who you are married to, or what you look like, you have no right to treat someone with less than the respect and decency they deserve. I’ve met amazing people from all different kinds of backgrounds, and I couldn’t imagine treating someone as terrible as what I saw on New Years Eve.

Have you ever seen or experienced someone treating you badly for no reason? Let me know in the comments below! I hope you all have a wonderful day/night. Sending you all love, strength, and positive vibes.

-Melina xx




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10 Replies to “Rudeness for the Sake of Being Rude is not Okay.”

  1. Kaiesha Stewart says: Reply

    This is something that winds me up so much! I went on a cruise last year & so many people were rude to those working 10+ hours for us to have a good time. I don’t understand why people are so harsh to others & how they don’t realise the impact it can have on the person they’re saying it to.

    1. I just don’t get how someone could treat anyone so terrible for no reason other than because they can! Thanks for commenting Kaiesha xxx

  2. This is so important! To think someone is giving their New Years up to work, and they get disrespect in return is horrible. Swear some people don’t realise how much it can affect you. It’s amazing for you to speak out against this, as it really needs to be stopped. Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Exactly! I was so in awe of what I was seeing. Thanks for reading Hannah xxx

  3. I think many people believe that because they are ‘paying there workers’ wages’ they have the right to be rude to them, which is just a ridiculous assumption. Everyone deserves to be treated with decency and respect, regardless of their status or job. It’s such a shame that you got to witness a blatant example of this and well done for raising awareness for this issue! Xox

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting love! xx

  4. I’ve seen this time and time again over the years and it never gets any easier to witness or easier to understand. I’ve been to dinners where I had to wonder why I was the only one greeting the server or handing them my menu instead of just watching them struggle to reach it. People like that make the disgusting mistake of equating value with money, power and position (and of course race at times) and forget that not only do other people matter but they have skills and stories that contribute to our world. It’s sad to see. Thanks for the great post and for speaking out about this. xx

    1. Yes! I don’t understand, and it disgusts me! Thanks for giving me your input, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! xx

  5. This is something that really frustrates me as well. What I’ve learn from my time at working on luxury makeup counters, is that it’s usually ‘old money’ who tend to be really pleasant and ‘new money who act very self-righteous. I know that’s a strong stereotype to whack on everyone, but people are rude usually to try and make themselves seem more powerful.
    And there is such class and snobbery issues in the world. I’ve seen it with friends who have grown up with a lot of wealth and act entitled. I remember telling people I was a makeup artist and soon as I said in the industry, they would go ‘oh wow, that’s a great career’.
    It’s such a shame that people choose to be rude for no reason. We are all human. xxx

    1. I never would have thought about how new money vs. old money could affect the way people behave! That seems like a pretty good theory. My mom used to also work in luxury makeup counters, and said only some of her clients were rude, so I know I can’t generalize and say that everyone in a certain social class is rude. Like you said, we’re all human, and all deserve a chance to be treated equally. xx

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