8 Best Underrated Animated Movies!

Now these movies aren’t in any order, but when I was younger I used to love watching and re-watching these movies.

Here are my favorite underrated animated movies:

1. Treasure Planet

2. The Road to El Dorado

3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

4. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

5. Anastasia

6. Quest For Camelot

7. Cats Don’t Dance

8. The Iron Giant

A lot of these movies have never gotten the recognition they deserve! They are all amazing. Now, I’m not saying that the movies that are raved about are terrible, because that’s not the case at all. I am a huge fan of animated movies, and so for those of you who also enjoy animated movies, you might have missed out on these super great movies. They all have totally different plots, but they are all adventurous in their own sense of the word.

What are they about?

Treasure Planet, is a kind of sci-fi movie. It takes place sometime in the future. The movie follows our main character Jim, who finds a map to take him to “treasure planet”. Watch it to find out what happens!

The second movie is The Road to El Dorado. This movie has everything. It’s funny, the characters are super likable and it has loads of adventure. It follows Tulio and Miguel who start off in Spain. They are con artists, and one day bet against this man who supposedly has a map to the city of gold. They win the map, and go on this epic trip in order to try to find this city. I’m telling you, if you haven’t watched it already, its really good.

Now, if you are in the mood for a musical, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is the one to watch. This movie takes place in France. Our villain is probably one of the best bad guys Disney has ever created, and that’s saying something. He’s crazy, powerful, and extremely dangerous. The songs are amazing. The plot has a bit of everything. I know there’s a second movie that follows this one, but that was terrible, and I don’t really recommend it at all.

The next movie is Atlantis: The Lost Empire. This movie is so so good. It’s about this guy, Milo, who is brought on to this mission to find Atlantis because he has spent most of his career studying their people and culture. It’s kind of cool to see the character development between all the main characters in this movie. This is another great movie.

Anastasia is another musical, for all you song lovers out there. While all these movies have amazing soundtracks, this musical is amazing. This movie is really loosely based on true history. It follows this girl Anastasia who doesn’t remember who she is. She goes from lost orphan girl into the lavish lifestyle of royalty.

Quest for Camelot is one of those movies that I feel most people don’t talk about but is so good. The characters are so unique. The main characters are a super independent, headstrong, and stubborn girl. A blind guy and a two headed dragon. This movie is comical and has loads of adventure. Really good movie.

Cats Don’t Dance is another movie that most people don’t talk about, but is also really good. I honestly feel like this is kind of what the new movie Sing! is going to be about. It’s these diverse group of animals that want to get into show business somehow. After I watch Sing! I’ll be able to accurately compare the two movies, but this movie is really fun and cute.

Finally, the last movie I am going to talk about is The Iron Giant. This movie is about a little boy, Hogarth, who finds a giant robot in the woods. The robot was built for destruction, but somehow Hogarth is able to train him in order become friendly. Of course things don’t always end with a happily ever. Watch and see what happens.


Now all of these movies are meant for kids, so anyone can watch these. They are super fun and entertaining. I hope you guys maybe found a new movie to watch!


-Melina xxx

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