Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, Worth the Hype? 

I know you guys are probably so sick and tired of seeing these posts, but I just had to write about this Palette. For the last 5-6 months this palette has been all the rage.

The Modern Renaissance Palette was created by the company Anastasia Beverly Hills. The palette retails at $42.00. I bought my palette at Ulta.  When opening the palette I can say I was impressed. The palette itself is this beautiful light pink color. I also have to mention the feel of the palette. It has a nice velour feel to it. It makes the product just look luxurious. 

The palette has 14 warm shades. The shades all have a red/pink tone to them. I already knew what the colors look like because of all of the reviews I have read about this palette. I have to say, none of the posts did it justice. The colors are beautiful. I don’t own anything like this palette. I usually stick to browns, but I couldn’t help myself and decided to buy this palette anyways!


As you can see from the pictures, I have used this palette. I am so impressed with the creaminess of the shadows. They are super pigmented and has a great color payoff. There isn’t a lot of fall out when using them. My favorite colors in this palette are Buon Fresco, Vermeer, Tempera,Red Ochre and Cyprus Umber. 

I am still getting used to getting out of my comfort zone, so I still haven’t used some of the shades. That Venetian Red and Realgar are super intimidating! I’m excited to see what type of color combinations I can make with this palette. If you haven’t gotten this palette already, I really suggest you do! It was really worth all the hype.


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-Melina xxx

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12 Replies to “Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, Worth the Hype? ”

  1. Hi! I’m so glad that I found your review! I was hoping to ask you a silly question. I just bought this palette off of Poshmark and when I received it I noticed that the ABH emblem/logo wasn’t embossed on the front of the palette or on the box. 99% of the pictures that I’ve found online have these emblems, but I noticed that your palette front looks like mine. 🙂 Can you tell me if your brush has the ABH emblem/logo on it?
    I’m wondering if perhaps the package varies from one retailer to another.
    Thank you so much and I love your review!

    1. I’m sorry. I meant to say the emblem is on the box but not the palette or the brush. 🙂

    2. From what I know, the packaging is the same no matter where you purchase the product. I bought mine at Ulta, so I know for a fact that mine is real! I have the emblem on the box, but not on the cover of the palette or on the brush! Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, let me know xxx

  2. I too love this palette!! I know what you mean about the red shade though! I bet we could make it work by blending it with other colors or who knows, maybe it looks crazier than it is haha. Realgar was actually the main reason I got it- I needed an orangey shade in my collection! Keep on playin with those shades!! Loved reading your thoughts on it!

    1. I’ve been playing around with it a lil more since I wrote this post! I love the orange shades. Thanks so much for reading love xxx

  3. I really like the colors in this palette. I have tons of similar shades already, so I won’t be getting it. At least not anytime soon. Don’t be scared of the reds – I’m sure they look gorgeous on you!

    1. Thanks so much for reading Ashlynn! xxx

  4. Loved this!! I have been dying to try this but I can’t justify spending that much money on eyeshadow haha ? love your blog so much xox Chloe-Rose

    1. I got mine on sale at Ulta, It was 20% off! Thank you so much for reading love xxx

  5. This palette is gorgeous, I’m glad you liked it! I’ve read so many positive reviews for abh so the quality must be consistent! I’d love to see one of your makeup looks with this palette!

    1. I’ll make a post sometime soon about some makeup looks you can make with this palette! Thanks for reading xxx

      1. Cool, I’ll watch out for that! 🙂

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