Another Shot At Love (Book 1) by Niecey Roy – ★★★ Stars

So while I was on vacation, I got the chance to read two books. A paperback book that I brought with me and this one that I had saved on my kindle app! I totally a die hard for an actual book, but since I only had one book with me I had to continue reading from the app. Plus Amazon always has great sales for free books! If you guys didn’t read last week’s poetry book review, it’s here.

So let’s get into the book review! I read this cliche romance novel, called Another Shot at Love by Niecey Roy. You guys should know by now that I’m a sucker for a good cliche every once in a while. It’s such a quick an easy read, especially when I was on vacation. This is the summary online:

“Imogen Gorecki needs a date to her sister’s engagement party—especially since her cheating ex-boyfriend is on the guest list. But finding Mr. Perfect in a time crunch is proving impossible.

Just when she’s about to give up, she face-plants into the crotch of the sexiest guy she’s ever met.

Matt Sesnick is everything Imogen wants in a man, but he’s not looking for a relationship so soon after his recent divorce. Will Gen’s pregnant and hormonal older sister, her bridezilla twin, and all of her past Mr. Wrongs get in the way of their happily-ever-after, or can she convince Matt to take another shot at love?”

-Niecey Roy [Found on]

It was a really enjoyable read. It had it’s funny parts, and wasn’t overly dramatic! Matt is super likable as a character. Imogen’s friends were super funny and added the necessary comic relief. If you guys are looking for some nice light summer reading, this is a book for you! Plus if you guys are interested, there are two additional books that continue on with the series where the other two female characters find love. This book is standalone, so you don’t have to continue on with the series if you don’t want to.


I hope you guys liked reading this review! Come back every Saturday for new book reviews. Have a wonderful day/night. Sending you loads of positive vibes!

-Melina xxx

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4 Replies to “Another Shot At Love (Book 1) by Niecey Roy – ★★★ Stars”

  1. I do love a light read for summer or for holidays, this sounds interesting!

    Corinne x

    1. I hope you enjoy reading it! Thanks for reading my post love 🙂 xxx

  2. I love a good book, and this one sounds so good! I love the fact there are more books that focus on the other characters!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Same! I’m such a fan of books that include characters from the same universe like Sarah Dessen! Thanks for reading love 🙂 xxx

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