Bullet Journal: March!

Hey guys, Hope your having an amazing April! I’m back again with another showing of my bullet journal. I’m going to show you how it went throughout the month of March.

As you can see above, I had my monthly calendar, with a calendar at a glance page. I realized that I don’t really like the vertical version of the calendar, because I kept finding myself having to go back and fill it up. I didn’t keep it up for the month of April.

I really love this spread. It looked so cohesive and simple, but at the same time was super organized. I added some song lyrics on some of the days.

A few months back, I bought myself an orange highlighter, so I decided to incorporate it into my spread for this week! I also bought some stickers that I added too. I don’t know how I felt about this spread, I feel like I should have made it green so it would blend better for Saint Patrick’s day. On the right hand side, I also added my goals for the month. I didn’t achieve much last month, but I did reach my goal for having the most views ever in a month! I’m super proud of myself.

On the left hand side, I have a picture of my April blogging schedule. I put a motivational quote on the bottom. On the right hand side, I had a little more fun with playing around with colors. This was probably my least favorite spread I’ve ever created so far. I was so happy to finish with this week!

I created two extra random spreads for the month. On the left hand side, I created a list of all the things that make me happy in my life. I still haven’t finished filling it out, but I love how it’s coming out so far! On the right hand side, I created a little doodle in dedication to my excitement for the summer! I already have so many fun things planned, and I am honestly so excited. Really can’t wait.

Finally, I have a list of posts that I have to create, which as you can see, I’ve done most of them! On the right hand side, I created another spread using the colors gray and pink.

My favorite spread of the month was the green one with the vines! I think it came out so cute, and it was super simple to make! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how my bullet journal came out last month. Don’t forget to follow my social media pages and leave a comment below! Have a wonderful night/day.


-Melina xx

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4 Replies to “Bullet Journal: March!”

  1. I know I mentioned before, but I love this whole concept. I’m going to start being organised with a blogging journal or a weekly calender. Xx

    1. Tell me how that goes for you! It’s really helped me so much xx

  2. Super cute Bullet Journal, Melina!! I love how you decorated the pages! I don’t have any patience for that, unfortunately haha. My favorite was the vines as well and the things that make you happy page. 🙂
    And yay to looking forward to a cruise! That’s super exciting! Whereabouts?!


    1. I’m going to Miami, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands! I love my bullet journal, cause it gives me a chance to get a little creative. Thanks so much for reading Jay xxx

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