Favorite YouTubers!

Hey guys! How are you doing? I hope you guys are having a great April! Today I am going to share the love a bit and tell you my favorite YouTubers. Everyone knows that there are some YouTubers that you look forward to their videos more than others! I have quite a few myself. So let’s get started!

Favorite YouTube Channels:

Claudia Sulewski


I found Claudia about two years ago, and ever since, I’ve been in love with her. She started off doing only Beauty and Fashion type of videos with a hint of lifestyle. Since then she has moved on and has been doing loads of motivational, self-help, and fun posts! She has grown up into such a great person, that I absolutely love the positive vibes she gives off. When she does do a fashion/beauty post, she has amazing taste and I always look forward to see what she’s been using and buying recently. If you haven’t heard of her, I really recommend you check her out!

Amber Scholl

Amber Scholl

I actually subscribed to Amber semi-recently, and I don’t know where I’ve been without her! She has such an infectious personality. Her channel is full of videos that show you how to be fabulous without breaking the bank. Loads of DIYs for the household, beauty, and for clothing! I love seeing how she does things. Super creative and extremely different from anyone else I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Follow her if you don’t already!

Katrin Berndt


I’ve known about Katrin for years. I’ve always loved who she was as a person when she was active on Tumblr. I was so happy when she started regularly making YouTube videos. She from Sweden, which adds to her channel, in my opinion. She does make Swedish videos, where she talks about her life and the country itself. She doesn’t really concentrate on a specific topic, which I really enjoy, because I never know what to expect from her!

Sylvia Gani


Sylvia is a Canadian YouTuber. She does loads of Beauty videos with a mix of popular challenges. She likes to try out odd products and gives her honest reviews. I really like watching her videos, because I really like her personality! Check her out.



Stephanie is super popular within YouTube community. She does loads of Fashion and Makeup posts. I really like her, because she’s super honest about how things fit, whether she likes them or not, and just about her life in general! I really just love her.

Lydia Elise Millen


Lydia is probably the only luxury YouTube channel I’m subscribed to. She shows us all about the marvelous pairs of shoes, blouses, and purses. She is a British YouTuber, and I love seeing all the things she buys! While she does buy a lot of expensive products, she does tell us her honest opinions of whether she liked them or not, and whether they were worth it. She does give advice about life, which I find refreshing.



Jeffree Star may be known by his cosmetic line, but he may not be as well known for his amazing YouTube channel! He has an amazing personality. He tries out makeup and beauty products of all kind and gives us his honest opinion! I love seeing his shock at some drug store products. He is just so entertaining to watch, and I recommend you guys checking him out!


I hope you guys liked reading about who I’ve been watching on YouTube recently. Have a beautiful day/night!

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-Melina xxx

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