Firecracker by David Iserson – 3 Stars

 The book is about a girl who was born rich, but after getting kicked out of a private school once again, ends up going to public school. When I first read the back of the book, I thought it was going to be a drama or a romance novel.
I was completely surprised when I found out that it was niether. I mean, it was basically a story about a witty, sarcastic, and funny girl, and all the experiences she has when she has to go to public school for the first time.
The book didn’t end the way I wanted to, but it didn’t end in a way where i was disappointed. It ended unexpectedly, but it was cute. It ended on a self-discovery note, which I seem to be into recently. Now even though the book wasn’t life changing or anything, it was still completely entertaining.
Overall, it was a purchase I was happy with, and if the book was gifted to me or on sale, I would recommend. There are better books though for that price range.
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