Helping Grandma Put up her Tree!

Christmas Tree

Usually my grandma has usually put the tree up herself. She would put up a whole bunch of lights and a beautiful decorations on her tree, but for the last few years her Alzheimer’s has progressed so far that she doesn’t really do much. So today I dyed her hair for her, and help her put the tree up.

It took us a while, because she couldn’t remember where her Christmas decorations were. It was really stressing her out, but I promised her to take her to Target to buy anything she was missing That’s when she calmed down. Luckily the lady who watches her in the daytime found a whole bunch of decorations to put on the tree.

In the end the tree looked pretty good! It still needs a star, which mysteriously disappeared. Overall, it’s better than having no tree!


Since I didn’t really put up my tree this year, I thought I would show you the tree that I actually put up! I hope you guys continue to enjoy your holidays!


-Melina xxx

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