How I Plan my Blog Posts!

Hello everyone, I’m back with another informational post about blogging. If you missed the first one I made, you can click here to read about the things I wish I knew before I started blogging.

Now, sometimes I just wing it, especially if it’s something super personal. There’s not a lot of planning involved, and I just speak from my heart.

Starts with the Topic/Title


If not, I write the title in a notebook, until I feel like I get inspiration to write some of the post.

Actually Starting to Write

Afterwards, I usually write the firsts few sentences of the post (these tend to be the hardest). Then, I open up WordPress and transfer whatever I wrote in the notebook onto the computer. I like this a lot, because I tend to edit whatever wording I wasn’t crazy about. It’s just a simple way to edit, and make sure that nothing sounds weird or is spelled incorrectly.

Adding Images


Finally, I add in any images that relate to the post. If I don’t have any images, I wait to have the lighting that I want to take images of whatever will work for the post I am writing. I use either my phone (IPhone 6), my Canon G7xII, or my Canon Rebel T3I.

Creating a Featured Image

Lastly I add in my featured image. This is the image that is going to be in the spotlight on my blog. It is also the one image that is going to be circulated the most throughout all of my social media pages. I used to use Picmonkey, but I definitely prefer and recommend Canva. They have so many templates that I like to use. I like using featured images, because it allows my blog to look much more cohesive. All of my featured images in the last two months have been a shade of pink.


I hoped this helped a bit. Maybe it will give you guys better ideas on how to plan your future blog posts. If you have any questions, leave a comment down below or message me on one of my social media pages! I promise to get back to you as soon as possible. Hope you guys have a wonderful day/night. Sending you all love and positive vibes!

-Melina xxx


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18 Replies to “How I Plan my Blog Posts!”

  1. That’s really cool that you actually start the process with hand-written notes to start you off. I usually carry my phone with me all the time, so whenever an idea pops into my head, I whip out Evernote and make a quick note of it and then flesh it out on WordPress. How do you find new topics to post about? Do you ever get writer’s block?

    Also, pretty awesome to meet another blogger who’s interested in self-improvement 🙂 Here from Susie’s, and glad to have the pleasure of discovering your blog!

    1. I don’t really get writer’s block often, so I usually always have an idea pop into my head at the perfect moment!

      Thanks for reading and commenting love xxx

  2. Always interesting to peek into other people’s blogging process. It’s fun see the different creative methods. Whatever works for you works best right 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Where’s Waldo though? I never found him 😛

    1. Completely agree! Thanks for reading. And he’s hiding somewhere, aha ! xx

  3. I don’t write out my blog posts by hand, my writing is waaaay too messy for that. I can hardly read it later! I love your bullet journal spreads but I could never make one myself for the same reason haha
    Thanks to your recommendation I’ve been using Canva for a few weeks, I’ve noticed more views and engagement since I started designing feature images! It really adds to the blog post. Thanks for the advice =)

    1. OMG, I’m so happy that my post helped you out in any way! I love using canva, and I feel like my blog looks so much nicer since I started using it a few months back. You are so welcome Cleia! Thank you for reading and your kind comment xxx

      1. It’s such a great tool! I sometimes find stock images on other free stock image websites and then upload them to canva, the selection of photos that are free isn’t the best but the layouts are really great!

  4. I pretty much do the exact same thing. I write the titles/ideas down and then write a brief summary of what the post will be about or I just write down the key notes & points. If it’s more personal I 100% wing it, usually half way through a crying fit (lol), gotta get my feelings out somehow!
    Awesome & super helpful post Melina!


    1. Thanks so much Ali! I usually find it so interesting to see all the different ways people plan for their posts. Thanks for reading love 🙂 xx

  5. Nice post Melina, I like how your posts are here to simply help others. I can say that I follow a similar pattern. If it’s something personal, or a topic is burning in my head, I just start typing away. But I do carry a pocket notebook for ideas throughout the day, as we have discussed with each other, but sometimes it just feels like a quote kind-of-day. It all depends. I like to make my blog look and feel like a personal journal, which is what I really like about yours. Nicely done.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I try to set myself apart from other blogs, by making it as personal and relatable as possible! The only thing other blogs can’t copy is my personality, aha! Thanks for reading Louis xxx

  6. I like your blog post writing method – it’s very logical and efficient.
    I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed as I enter thoughts for my first post in over a year into a TextEdit App document and wish I had a better camera+camcorder.
    Your blog posts are great! I love your pics and writing. Obviously your method works very well!!!

    1. Thank you so much, that literally puts the biggest smile on my face. Thank you for reading ! xxx

  7. This was interesting and I completely admire your organisation. I think of an idea in my head and then go with it. I have learnt to trust my instincts though. Sometimes I follow through with a post that I am not 100% confident with, and then that post is not very successful. xxx

    1. I try to write from the heart and not over edit, sometimes it’s easier to get my thoughts down on paper over the computer. Weird right? Specially considering that I type faster than I write, aha. Thanks for reading Lauzie! xxx

  8. I love posts like this, as it’s so interesting to see how other people blog, as we all seem to do it so differently! I love the idea of writing in a notebook first and then transferring it to the computer, I must start doing that as it seems a good way to do it xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. It’s good if you want to get your thoughts down well and right away! Sometimes I’m not near a computer, plus I find it more organized! Thanks for reading Hannah xxx

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