I don’t belong to anyone but myself.

I’m a huge believer of women being able to wear what they want without having to be hassled by guys. For whatever reason, the majority of men have been programmed to think that if a woman dresses a certain way, he has the right to do what he wishes. Why is that? How would he feel if he was constantly cat called, touched, and hassled?

I have finally learned to feel comfortable in my own skin. Because of this, I dress the way I want and I wear my makeup the way I like it. I don’t do this for anyone other than myself. I’m not trying to impress anyone. I honestly fix my outer appearance to make myself feel good. I feel confident when I dress the way I want to.


During New Years Eve, I wasn’t wearing anything super revealing or anything. Yes my hair and makeup was done, but that’s it. There was this one guy, who might’ve assumed that I was super drunk or something. We were just having a casual conversation when his hand grazed my butt. The first time it happened I thought it was an accident. The second time it happened, I got frustrated. I don’t know where this feeling of male entitlement comes from. I stop him mid conversation and say “stop doing that”. He literally looks at me as if I were crazy. I literally tell him how rude it was to do something like that.

You know what he had the audacity to say to me? He said that he “knew that it was rude”. I was in awe. If he knew that what he did wasn’t appropriate, why the hell would he continue to behave this way. I was about to tell him off, when my friend grabs me and we start dancing. If she didn’t whisk me away, he might have not been so fortunate.

Society has taught women to make sure not to give men any wrong impressions. I could vouch and say that I wasn’t dressed in any way particular and I didn’t say anything to him that would make him think that I would react positively to what he did. Women shouldn’t have to constantly watch their backs because of a man’s inappropriateness. Men should be the ones that should be taught to behave properly.


This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I don’t belong to anyone, especially no stranger. I only belong to myself. To my fellow women out there, don’t take any inappropriateness from men.


I hope you guys all have an amazing day!


-Melina xxx

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2 Replies to “I don’t belong to anyone but myself.”

  1. Charlie Brunton says: Reply

    I totally get this! I haven’t been out in a really long time but it definitely used to happen to me too. It’s so disgusting and offputting! I really wonder what goes through their heads to make them think it’s okay to grope somebody? Good on you for telling him, I hope you still had a fab night, you looked gorge!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much xxx

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