It’s Never too Late to Chase Your Dreams (another cliché post).

I know, I know, you’re reading the title thinking Melina, could you get any cheesier? If I were being honest here, I could prolly get loads cheesier, ask my friend Amanda, but that’s not the point of this post, and I can get super off track if I don’t get right to the point.arnel-hasanovic-375269

I have just gotten back from a production meeting for this new film my aunt is going to help film this week. While some would have found it beyond boring, I found it to be quite magical. I was in awe of all the people at this meeting. These were going to be the people helping the filming process in someway or another. The crazy part was that all the people didn’t even show up to the meeting!


Now I know what you’re thinking Melina, haven’t you ever seen the ending credits to a movie? I totally have, but it’s one thing to see those names on a screen and quite another thing to see so many passionate people before my very eyes. I saw these people and I thought, these people made it. They are making magic before our very eyes. They have a working job doing something they love. You can see how much they love it by the energy they give off, it’s infectious.


A few months ago, I wrote a post called Leaving Normal Behind, and it talks about the idea of me wanting to do whatever I want with my life without feeling the need/want to explain myself to anyone else.

I was feeling motivated when I wrote this post, but you know how things goes, as time passes, and mental health takes a toll one me, it’s been a little tough to stay at that level of motivation.


But, when I was at that meeting, surrounded by other people working hard to live their dreams, I felt reengergized. I realized, anything in life is possible. If you work hard and don’t stop trying, you will succeed at life.

I don’t know why I wanted to share this with you guys, but I guess because since this blog has become such a huge part of my life, I want to share my ups and downs. I like to be are honest and up front as I possibly can.


At that moment, when I was surrounded by people who are doing what they genuinely love, I realized that’s what I want out of life. I want to live somewhere, where I am genuinely happy, surrounded by people who genuniely care about me, doing a job that I love. While I have a few ideas of what that can be, that meeting gave me the motivation to keep moving forward. Something just clicked, and because of it, I’m ready to keep working hard in order to reach my dreams.


What are you all working towards? Let me know in the comments below! I look forward to reading what you all have to say. Have a wonderful day/night. Sending you all love, strength and positivity!

‘Melina xxx

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29 Replies to “It’s Never too Late to Chase Your Dreams (another cliché post).”

  1. I love reading motivating posts because sometimes I need to re-motivate myself too. I agree, I just want to be happy, doing a job I love ~ that’s the ultimate goal. I hope you achieve it xx

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I hope you reach all your goals too! I’m pretty sure if we stay motivated, determined, and hardworking, we’ll do fine 🙂 xx

      1. Perfect positive thinking! X

  2. This post is absolutely lovely! I can feel your spirit and determination in your writing. It’s amazing. I’m currently working towards a qualification in legal executive studies, which is something I’ve wanted to do for at least three years. I feel crazy for doing something in the complete opposite direction of my original degree but I am so, so excited. I feel like I’m finally going in the right direction. Hopefully!

    xo, Victoria
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    1. I’m so glad you didn’t just follow your degree just cause that’s what you studied for! I’m so proud or you! I know it was something super difficult to do, but at the same time I also know that you’re going to be so much happier in the long run. I wish you all the best of luck pretty! xxx

  3. I have so many dreams… Right now I just want to level up my blogging game and photography 🙂

    1. and I believe you can do it. Continue to work hard, and you will eventually reach all your dreams love! Thanks so much for reading and commenting xxx

  4. I’m working toward writing what I like, rather than what an editor tells me to write. I’m holding true to my own writing voice. Or, at least, I’m trying.

    1. That’s such a tough position to be in because your editor is someone who is probably looking for some specific voice that is going to sell. That the editor’s job. The question is, do you want to be known for writing something that you’re proud of or do you just want to be known?
      It’s something extremely important to consider. You should definitely always try to write for yourself. Good luck to that. I would love to get the chance to get to know your true writing voice xxx

      1. Thanks for your thoughtful response. For most of my career, I have been a writer for children’s television. Though I have loved it, for years I felt the only way to make a living at it was to compromise my writing voice and collaborate with those who hired me. Now I’m at a point where I’d rather not do that quite as much. My blog is an example of my own writing voice and it has been a real joy for me.

        1. Maybe try applying a job for a different type of television show! Maybe if you write for young children, work your way up? Next try writing for middle school children ? I don’t know if that’s what you’d be interested in. Just know that it’s never to late to chase after what you want in life xx

  5. I can feel your re-energized spirit while reading this post and love it. I like to do the best I can do and live the best I can everyday.
    Hopefully those days turn into years and the years turn into a great life 😉

    1. Totally agreed! Thanks for reading and commenting love 🙂 xxx

  6. This is such a beautiful and positive post, Melina, thank you for sharing it – I needed the boost today, ahah. I think working and living in the place of your dreams has to be the goal and it’s always worth pursuing, even if it takes courage and time <3

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this! I wrote this mainly for myself, because i feel like I needed the boost, so I’m glad it’s helped other people too! You always have to remember that you got this. xxx

  7. Such a refreshing blog! Its important to spend time with people who will encourage you to pursue your dreams. I would hate to look back in life and think I didn’t do something because of what someone else said 💜

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed my post! I completely agree with you! Being around people who motivate you and encourage you to go after what you want is so ideal! The best thing about those people is that they didn’t even know they were doing it. They were doing it by doing what they want with their lives! I wish you luck with all your dreams love xx

  8. I love how encouraging your posts are!
    I have so many things I’d love to do, I reaaally want to record a rock album but I need to start practicing to get my guitar skills back where they were when I was in school.
    I’m also hoping to start a YouTube channel this year, I’ve been thinking about it nonstop for months 🙂

    I hope you reach all your dreams too Melina!

    1. You know I always try to be encouraging. I always think that if i’m struggling, then others are probably struggling too! I try to remind people in different ways to never give up!
      OMG, please make that album, that would be amazing! I would be one of the first people purchasing it for sure!
      I would also love for you to start that channel, youve been talking about it for a while now, and would be so excited to hear you speak and do different makeup looks and whatever videos your heart desires! Thanks for reading and the thoughtful comment xxx

      1. It’s so true, there’s almost always someone else going through the same thing.
        I hope so, it’s a long way off but I want to start writing music again 🙂

        1. I can’t wait to hear it the moment it’s ready 🙂 xx

  9. It may sound cheesy and cliched, but it’s true. Great post!

    1. Thank you so much for reading, and taking the time to comment! xxx

  10. I don’t think this is cheesy at all! It’s a great motivation boost and people around people like those in the meeting, just gives off such an infectious vibe. Loved reading and love the photos you chose. And LOVE the message! xxx

    1. Thank you so much Laura, you always give me such encouraging comments, and keep me from feeling like my posts are super lame, aha! You’re the best xx

      1. Well you’re posts are never lame and so I will keep writing my encouraging comments 🙂 xx

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