July’s Bullet Journal Spreads

Hello Guys! I’m back again with another bullet journal spread! I have to say, that this month was super different from my last months, because I finally tried out a different layout. I was super nervous to see how it would come out, but you guys let me know what you think! If you wanna see June’s spreads, you can click here. So let’s get started.


I was watching a Youtuber, you might know her, she goes by the name Hannah Ashton. In one of her videos she mentioned that these are the habits she follows in order to to be successful in the night. I decided to print out the list she created to see if it would help me be overall more productive. I don’t know if it’s helped much, since I don’t really check it out, but you guys might find it helpful, so you should totally check her channel out!img_3528

On the left hand side, I have an old concert ticket from when I went to see Big Sean in May, and also a list of blog post ideas for the summer. As you can see, I haven’t used them much, because I tend to just write about whatever I feel is important throughout that week. Sometimes when I’m looking for inspiration, I look at these lists though! Who knows, maybe you’ll find some of these in the future.

On the other page, I have a picture of a bedspread that I wanted, but ended up actually not getting it, and getting something else that I like way better!


This is where July officially starts! On the left hand side I have the calendar I always use and on the right, you can see how I changed up my layout. I started using these boxes for each of the days. I also used stamps to indicate what I did each day, or if I have something urgent to do.img_3526

I didn’t like how I had the dates on were on the left in the first page, so I decided to put them on top. I liked this way better. I think it looks a lot neater. I felt like the pages looked a little plain and so I added some washi tape and some doodles.img_3527

This was probably my favorite spread in the month. I had the time to draw a whole bunch of leaves on it. It looked pretty neat, and most importantly, it was super productive. You can see that I was even keeping track of my daily follow and subscriber count. It got me excited seeing the numbers go up every day.img_3529

I decided to change the washi tape I was using. It still had the cactus feel though. I feel like I really got my feel for the spread towards the end of the month, when it was too late. Which sucks, cause I really liked it. The downside to this spread, for me, was the fact that I didn’t really have that much spare time in order to draw the leaves all over the place like I did the following week.img_3530

This was the final page of the month. Overall, it was really fun to change out the layout and see what I liked and didn’t like. I can’t wait to show you guys what I ended up doing throughout August. I feel like it’s an in-between between July’s and June’s spreads. I’m super excited to show you guys.

If you have any comments or questions, leave it down below! I hope you guys have a wonderful day/night. Sending you all positive vibes!


-Melina xxx

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6 Replies to “July’s Bullet Journal Spreads”

  1. I think this is amazing how you have set it up. It is so well organised and presented. It is the kind of thing that you would love to look back and keep for memory. xxx

    1. That’s exactly what I think! You’ve seen the evolution of my bullet journal, so it’s kinda cool to see how much nicer my spreads have gotten and how much better they work for me now, than before! Thanks for reading Lauzie xxx

  2. That cactus tape is super cute! I always love the idea of a bullet journal but I know I’d be terrible about keeping up with it and actually utilizing it. The date on top makes more sense to me but to each their own! The habits for a night routine seem like a great reminder though! (:


    1. Thanks for reading Marie! I think that you could totally be able to keep up with it if you just add things you think you would actually use! xxx

  3. Oh wow I have been hearing about bullet journals for while now, but this post really makes me want to give it a try!

    1. I really recommend it! It’s the best decision I made! Started in January and I’m never going back. Thanks for reading xxx

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