Life Update

So last Saturday I got my hair dyed. I had such a terrible experience a few months back, so I haven’t dyed my hair since! One of my friends from back in middle school, does hair now, and she offered to fix my hair. It was honestly such a great experience. It was nice catching up with her, and the salon was absolutely beautiful. We did spend almost 5 hours doing my hair, but it came out beautiful. In a few months my hair is going to be good as new.

Also, my brother’s in the navy, based in Connecticut, but they used to never let him have any days off. Recently he’s been having at least one day a weekend off, so he’s been driving down a lot. It’s been amazing. We’re really close, so it’s really nice to have him around.

I have some other exciting new, but I still have to wait a few weeks before announcing it, so you’ll just have to wait!

I hope you guys are having an amazing day/night.

– Melina xxx

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2 Replies to “Life Update”

  1. It’s difficult to find a hairdresser to trust as they can really mess up. Also I know how you feel about your brother! Mine also works abroad and we are close, so it’s really nice to see him when he comes back some weekends 🙂 xx

    1. My friend is honestly so amazing, and I’m so glad I decided to go to her, she is totally fixing my hair! and yes, right now my brother left for the month, but I will see him again at the beginning of February. I hope you see your brother soon xxx

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