Looking back on 2016

2016 has had a lot of ups and downs, to be sure. I did get to travel to amazing places, such as Puerto Rico, Harry Potter World, Disney World, and Washington D.C. Like most years, I’ve lost touch with some people, which sucks, especially when I really cared about some of them. This year was extremely difficult for my mental health. I have always battled with some personal issues, and this year was no different. On top of my personal issues, I broke up with an ex that I thought actually cared for me, and lost touch with my best friend of over 10 years.

People Who’ve Changed Me This Year

While I went through many hardships through 2016, I can see how many positive changes I have made in my life as well. I have begun to surround myself by caring and positive people who push to be my best. Some of those people I have met within this year, and I can’t imagine life without them. Two people that I have met this year and have begun to make such a difference in my life are Kim and Ingrid. They are amazing people inside and out, and I am so blessed to have met them!

Then I have the people that have always been there for me and still stay by my side, and those people are Erika, Bina, and Amanda. Some people I have known for a while, but have recently become more important, Nick and Jill. There are people I really care about that I haven’t mentioned, but I can’t mention every person that’s made a difference to me throughout the year!

I would like to make a separate note to someone extremely important to me. My sister and best friend, Sofia. We are so different and so alike in many ways. I talk to her on almost a daily basis. She is the person I could be completely myself. I have so much love for her, and honestly don’t know how I would’ve survived this year without her.

I am so grateful for all these people.


While 2016 wasn’t the best for me, the last four months have been a constant uphill. I have been working hard in school, having fun with amazing people, partying hard, had the best Halloween ever, started working on myself and my mental health, started this blog and have been just enjoying life.

I know that life has to have some struggle, cause when you overcome something, it feels that much better.

I’m excited for 2017, I think it’s gonna be a great one.

-Melina xxxx

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2 Replies to “Looking back on 2016”

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Even though it was a difficult year for youI have learned that when I struggling that is when I learn and grow the the most. It helps me to learn about myself and look at life with a different perspective ❤️️

    1. Thats exactly how i feel! Thanks for reading ?

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