Why Do I love Christmas?

Christmas tree decorations

What it used to mean to me

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, followed by Halloween. I haven’t always loved this season for the same reasons though. When I was younger, all I could think about was making a wish list, and hoping I got everything on that list. Waking up on Christmas morning and looking at all the huge boxes with my name on it.

Why I love it now

As I’ve gotten older, the reason I love Christmas has changed. I have learned to get myself in the Christmas mood. I have my own December routine in order to make me an overall happier person throughout this month. Christmas has become more about giving, as cliche as that sounds. I have always loved buying gift for those I care about. The best part is that I consider myself to be pretty good at giving creative and thoughtful gifts.

I love looking at the Christmas lights around the neighborhood. Not only the lights, but I love Christmas decorations on houses! They make the house feel overall warmer, if that makes any sense. I love the winter clothing trends. Cute scarves and layers. My favorite trend right now is the faux fur vests!

I obviously love winter break in between my semesters. During winter break I love catching up with my friends who are in town, because we all have more time on our hands. I love seeing my family throughout the holidays.

Christmas has always been super special for me. Some people say that Christmas has lost its magic for them. The secret is inside of you. As long as you keep the magic alive, it will still be there.Wow, that’s super corny, but it’s true!

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-Melina xxx

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