March Favorites!

So this month, I tried to get this post out in a timely manner, especially since I posted my February Favorites so late! I felt like I didn’t have a lot of new favorites, other than music, because I have been working on saving money. Before I start rambling, here are my March Favorites!

TV Shows


  • House M.D. –  I was binging on this show all through March because I knew that it was Leaving Netflix early April. I only got to the third season, but I’m going to watch the rest of the show online!
  • That’s 70 Show – I started watching this show when I was in Middle School/High School right after class ended. I decided to watch this show all over again on Netflix, because it just makes me laugh and smile so much! I’m almost done with it, so I’ll be moving on to something else, so if you have any suggestions let me know!
  • Bob’s Burgers – This show is probably one of my favorite shows ever! I watched the first 5 seasons over 15 times. Recently, Netflix removed seasons 3-5, so I’ve been devastated. Me and my sister invested in season 6 on Amazon Prime! Now I can watch the show forever!
  • Say Yes to the Dress – This is my sister’s favorite show. I’ve been watching loads of episodes with her, and I have to say that I love it now! I love looking at what the brides-to-be choose. I like trading opinions with my sister on whether or not we like what she has chosen to try on.



  • Mario Badescu Rose Spray – I’ve been swearing for this product for over a year now! All throughout March I’ve been using this spray more than usual. This face re-hydrates my skin without making it oily. I’ve gotten everyone in my household to use this product, because it is so amazing.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette – I’ve mentioned this in last month’s favorite’s post and I also wrote a review about this post! I still am obsessing over this product. I use this palette almost every single day that I wear makeup, and I love it so so much.

Favorite March Memory

During March I was lucky enough to have my Aunt come and visit me from the Dominican Republic. I love her so much, and we always have so much fun together. One day we decided to go to this latin club in Brooklyn, which I have gone a few times with my friends. We had an amazing night! I miss her so much, but I know that we’ll be reunited before I know it.



  • Beauty & The Beast – I have to mention this movie. It was amazing. Emma Watson did an amazing job as the role of Belle. The songs were well done, the addition to the plot was a well done, and they even added new songs which I also loved! It will never replace the original in my heart, but I have to say that this movie was incredibly well done.


I hope you guys liked seeing what I was into all last month. Have a wonderful day/night! Don’t forget to keep up to date with my social media pages, and give them a follow. I would also love if you left a comment below!

-Melina xxx

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4 Replies to “March Favorites!”

  1. I was so disappointed that House was taken off Netflix!! It was my go to show, I was almost at the end of season 4 when they took it off 🙁 Now I have to go buy the seasons to find out what happens.

    I still need to see the new beauty and the beast, it looks like they did a great job with it!

    1. If you give me your email i’ll send you the house episodes xxx

      1. That would be amazing, thank you!! My email is from my old blog address haha. I still need to get an email for the new domain xD

        You’re the best!!

        1. I’ll send you them when I get home! Cause I have them on my computer xxx

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