May BuJo Spreads! 

Some of you guys really seem to like to see how my bullet journal has been coming along, so let’s get right into it! If you guys want to see last month’s spreads click here. If you guys don’t know what a bullet journal is, you can go to the official website here or you can see my mini explanation right here!

For the spread above, you can see my blogging schedule. It’s pretty much the same as other months, but I bought this really cool scrap booking paper at Michael’s and cut it out to put in my book! I really like the look of this and actually continued it for the month of June.

For this month i wanted to use the color pink. I just feel like it is so happy and spring-y. I made My calendar like I’ve been making it for many past months. On the right hand side, I made a mini monthly goals, and also started my spreads. I started trying to doodle more in my journal, which as you can see on this page didn’t come out very good. I also started adding these cutouts whenever I exercise. If I go running or do any form of cardio, I put a sonic cutout, but if I workout my arms, I put a little muscle arm flexing. You’re gonna see this in the next picture.

I kept my spreads pretty basic, with the exception of my doodles. You can see on this page that I put the little flex cutouts multiple times. I drew a taco for Cinco de Mayo. I also started putting my follower count on some days cause I was getting close to reaching my goal for the month!

The left hand side was a little bland cause there wasn’t much to do that weekend, but I did work out a few times! I have to say that I fell in love with what I did on the right side. The plants in the pots and the falling leaves were so cute and fun to draw. I just feel like it added the right amount of color and personality to the pages.

I continued with my basic theme and added a graduation cap for graduation day and another potted plant! If you guys are curious, I’m using the Prismacolor color pencils, which you can buy almost anywhere. I find them to be super creamy, pigmented, and just easy to draw with in comparison to other color pencils! I used to not be very picky with what I used, but now that I got a whole bunch of their color pencils, i can tell the difference!

I ended my month very simply by adding some yellow daisies. As you can throughout the month I made loads of mistakes, but it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. Hopefully I can eventually have a perfect month with no mistakes! I hoped you guys liked seeing how last month turned out. Have a wonderful day/night! Sending positive vibes.


-Melina xx

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6 Replies to “May BuJo Spreads! ”

  1. So organised! I’ve never tried bullet journalling but I might have to get into it 🙂

    1. Bullet Journaling has changed my life! It makes me so much more productive, and the best part is that it’s customizable to what you need! I really really recommend you make one. Thanks for reading Cait xxx

  2. I love your bullet journals. They look so neat and well organised. You did inspire me to jot things down more and to write more of a diary. It’s really helped. xxx

    1. Thank you! I would love to see what you’ve been doing with your diary xxx

      1. It doesn’t look half as neat as yours does. Yours is all colourful and well organised. Mine is me rushing to get ideas down. xxx

        1. As long as it works for you then it’s good!

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