Mental Health Day: Dealing with Anxiety!

​Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been absent for the last week. I had a few things that have happened to me since I’ve gotten back from California. Thank you so much for being patient. I know this post is going up late, but my computer is having some issues right now, so I am actually writing this on my tablet as we speak.

It’s a lot less comfortable than writing on my computer, but I’m doing the best I can!

I honestly had the whole month of October’s posts all planned out, and I was so excited to have this month extremely organized. Welp, I guess things don’t always go as planned. I think I’m going to stray away from what I planned for today, and just write from the heart.

As you guys know, I suffer from some mental illness, and some days it affects me more than others. The unfortunate things happening in my life have put me in an indefinite funk. But I’ve been fighting against this funk and staying strong. I honestly believe that things are going to work in my favor as long as I stay positive and happy. I know, easier said than done, but I’m doing it! Well, I haven’t been doing it alone, with the help of my friend Erika. She’s been helping me in so many ways, and I am just so grateful for her.

Today I’ve decided that in honor of World Mental Health day, I am going to talk about the things that help me cope with my anxiety. Let’s get into it!

1. Take a break from social media and your cell phoneIMG_1012

I actually realized this just recently. Social media makes me extremely anxious. When you’re constantly surrounded by information, notifications, photo-shopped pictures, and negativity, it’s hard for a person who is a chronic over-thinker to let their mind shut down for a minute. Recently the solution to this has been putting my phone on “do not disturb” mode. It’s better than silent mode, because unless YOU decide to look at your phone, you don’t get your phone lighting up with notifications. I think it’s helped me a lot. I don’t think it’s good for your mental health to always be so aware of all the notifications your phone gives you at all times.

2. Escape from the worldimg_3310

With all the stimuli in the world, our minds need to take a break sometimes. My favorite things to do when I need to escape a little bit is to watch a movie or TV show, read a book, or play some video games. With all the stresses in our daily lives, it’s good to do something that will take you away for a little bit. It really lets you de-stress in the best way possible.

3. Find a relaxing hobby

This is the final thing that helps me more than you could possibly know. Recently I’ve picked up painting and hiking. I always thought that I was a creative person, without the talent that came with it. I have to say that I’ve really improved on my painting skills. You can check out what I’m working on through my Snapchat (heyyitsmelina). Not only is it relaxing, but it’s so cool to see how I’ve gotten better. But maybe painting isn’t your thing, maybe it’s photography, or writing. Find your hobby that isn’t a burden and just helps you relax.
So these are the three things that I do in order to help me with my anxiety. If you have any comments, questions, concerns, please leave a comment below! I hope this helps any of you. Have a wonderful day/night! Sending you all love and positive vibes.
-Melina xxx

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10 Replies to “Mental Health Day: Dealing with Anxiety!”

  1. Really love this post. I have to try putting my phone in do not disturb – seems like it would really help!

    1. I have had it on for about a month and a half, and I honestly love it. I feel like I am less of a slave to my phone, aha. Thanks for reading and commenting! xxx

  2. Thank you for this post I agree with you completely! Mental health is crazy and social media can have a massive impact! ?

    Great post thank you lovely x x x

    1. Thank you so much for commenting and reading love 🙂 I appreciate it so much! xxx

  3. Get post! I like what you said about social media. It’s interesting to think that the world of information that we live in can actually be quite cumbersome. It’s nice to press pause on our lives and just take in life. Completely agree! Hope all is better.

  4. whenever i’m having a bad mental health day i always find avoiding social media works wonders. i like to curl up with a cup of tea and take my mind off things with a good book!

    hope you’re feeling better soon babe xxx

    katie. xx

    1. That is the ideal way to deal with anxiety! I have been doing the same exact thing these last few days 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting Katie xxx

  5. This is so important Great post 🙂 x

    1. Thank you so much! xxx

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