Nerve by Jeanne Ryan – 3 1/2 Stars

So this is one of the better books I’ve read in a long time. So let’s get started!

The back of the book summary says this:

“Vee is used to being behind the scenes, working as a stagehand for her school’s theater program. But after years of walking in her best friend Sydney’s shadow – she decides it’s high time to break out of her shell and do something radical. That’s when Vee makes up her mind to attempt a harmless dare for the popular online game show of dares, NERVE. But one challenge only leads to another, and the prizes are simply too enticing to resist. So after she’s partnered with gorgeous Ian, who’s not afraid to go for the grand prize, Vee is determined to stay in the game. When the competition suddenly turns deadly, will she risk their lives for the chance of a lifetime, or will she lose NERVE?”

I originally wanted to buy this book, because I saw a movie trailer for the movie based on the book. I added it to my amazon wish list, and when I saw it went on sale, I decided to buy it!


I was so pleasantly surprised by this book! I expected this book to be average at best, but I actually really liked it. I’ve been really into a mix of self-improvement books and thrillers. This book definitely falls under the thriller genre. I haven’t watched the movie, so I can’t give you guys a comparison, but now I’m really curious to see how the movie is!

Since I did see the trailer before reading the book, I did picture Vee looking like Emma Roberts. Ian was supposed to be played by Dave Franco, but I didn’t think he looked anything like the character described in the book.

There was a little bit of romance, which is to be expected, but it was not the main plot what-so-ever. There was a bit of self-discovery for Vee, but loads of action throughout the book.

If you’re looking for something new to read, I recommend you guys read this book! It was super entertaining. I’m going to look into more books by Jeanne Ryan!

I hope you guys have a great day/night!


-Melina xxx

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2 Replies to “Nerve by Jeanne Ryan – 3 1/2 Stars”

  1. Im going to get it tks

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Hope you enjoy it xxx

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