New Year, New Me (Cliché I know).


Hello Everyone! Welcome back to my site. The first post of the New Year. I am so excited to be back (well, it hasn’t been that long of a break to be fair, aha! Just a few days).

The saying goes “New Year, New Me”. Everyone gets a gym membership, tries out a new diet, tries to lose weight, and works extremely hard at reaching their goals. This is also the time where you see people saying snarky things on social media. Why does this bother people so much? You should be proud of each and every  individual trying to improve themselves.

Are you upset that most people give up on their New Year’s resolution before the end of the month? While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who do give up on their goals before the year ends, there are also tons of people who spend the whole year reaching for their goals.

Instead of being annoyed at all those people who say this, you should let them be. If you should feel anything, it should be delighted. You should support each person’s attempt at trying to improve themselves.

This year, try to ignore all the meme’s making fun of every individual who’s trying to improve themselves and their lives. Who cares if someone takes advantage of the new year in order to help themselves out. That might exactly be the push they need in order to achieve what they want to!

As I like to mention time and time again, it’s never too late to have a better life! I look forward to giving you more content throughout the rest of the year! Welcome to 2018. Sending you all love, strength and positive vibes.


-Melina xxx

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9 Replies to “New Year, New Me (Cliché I know).”

  1. beautylifemom says: Reply

    Happy New Year!! Agreed that it’s def not cool to knock anyone on their goals, everyone is different and whether someone decides to quit or not is totally up to them! Here’s to another year of blogging! Xx Jen

    1. Thanks so much bby girl! I wish you a happy new year. I hope you reach all your goals, and can’t wait to see what you do with you blog 🙂 xxx

  2. TheCrimsonCardigan says: Reply

    I love it. Everyone’s goal this year should be to focus on themselves and their own goals – and leave everybody else alone to do their thing. Those snarky people can just go away. Cheers to the new year, darling!

    1. Happy New year Ashlynn! I saw you opened up an etsy shop, so expect me to buy from there soon love xxx

  3. I’m one of those people who continues to try to reach for my goals all year long…even if I’m not successful. Thanks for your supportive, understanding post. Most appreciated.

    1. Thank you for reading love! Hope you have a happy new year and keep reaching for those goals xxx

  4. Happy New Year Melina 🌹

    1. Happy new year love! Xxx

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