Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry – 3 1/2 Stars

Well i was originally attracted to this book, cause i like books with people who have problems…serious problems. So this book is about a girl and a boy who are in high school. The girl, Echo, is known as a freak in school. She stops going to school for a few months and when she comes back she’s completely anti-social. On the other hand, the boy, Noah, has his other secrets he’s trying to hide.
This is another book i bought at thriftbooks.com, and i can say i was pleasantly surprised. I would always turned off by the book, cause of the cover. I don’t really like books that have people being all lovey dovey on the cover. It just seems like a corny book cover.
But i kept getting drawn to this book, cause of the summary on the back. I ended up buying the book, and i actually liked it.
There were some parts that dragged on, and others where i felt could have just been avoided if the characters were “smarter”. It’s one of those things where i feel like a regular person wouldn’t react the way they would in this book.
But i guess it did make it guiltily pleasurable. If anyone likes drama, and unexpected plot twists, then i seriously recommend.

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