San Diego, California 2017! Pt. 1

Hey guys!

I hope you’re all having an amazing day/night. As you guys all know, earlier this month I went to California. This was super exciting for me, because it was my first time going to the west coast! I’ve always been a girl who was super proud of coming from the east coast. I love New York City, and didn’t think I would find any place in the United States I would love as much as this area.


I was leaving to California on a Thursday. I took Newark International, which is usually a nightmare. I was extremely surprised to find that we got through security pretty easily. We got to our gate and found out that our flight has been delayed! We were a little disappointed by the fact that we were gonna get to California later than we planned. We didn’t let this news get us too down! We went to the Ruby Tuesdays, got ourselves some spinach and artichoke tip and some Vodka Red Bulls.


Finally after finishing our drinks, we went back to the gate and waited for our plane to arrive. Once we got on the plane, we got comfy. The plane had a whole selection of movies to choose from, so we decided to watch Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and Morgan. The flight from Newark to San Diego is 6 hours, so even after watching those two movies, we still had two hours til we landed. We decided to take a nap.

Once we landed, we waited outside for Erika’s cousin to get us. She picked us up, and she drove us to downtown San Diego. We went to this bar and stayed there the whole night. We then decided to go back to Diana’s place and crash.


Because of the time change, we woke up extremely early. Diana was working, so me and Erika stayed in bed watching Law & Order SVU. We finally decided to be productive so we took showers and got dressed. Once Diana got home from work, she also got ready and we headed out.

We decided to spend most of our day in Old San Diego. We went to this restaurant called Cafe Coyote. They had legitimate salsa, chips and Mexican food. The food was delicious! I had some flautas with some rice. We also had some mimosas!


After having some lunch, we decided to be touristy and get some souvenirs for our family members and walk around. While I was there I couldn’t help but be amazed at all of the cactuses! We don’t have them where we live.


After Old Down, we decided to head to another area in San Diego that was known for their amazing margaritas! Baja Betty’s has about 20 types of margaritas. Erika got one that tasted like a pina colada, while I got mine with passion fruit in it. From Baja Betty’s we went to another bar called Gossip Grill, which people call it Gossip Girl! They had this beautiful fire pit outside, and the waitresses were super nice.


After loads of appetizers and drinks we decided to call it a night. Tomorrow I’ll tell you guys what I did for the rest of my trip! I hope you guys enjoyed reading.

-Melina xxx


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2 Replies to “San Diego, California 2017! Pt. 1”

  1. this looks like so much fun! i love the pictures.

    1. Thank you! It was amazing, and if you ever get the chance to go, I would recommend xxx

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