The Pressure of Blogging

I have been blogging for 4 months now. This may not seem like much, but there have been more than a few things that I have noticed throughout my blogging journey. The main thing that has been on my mind a lot, is the pressure to be able to keep up with the latest trends and beauty products.

I am constantly surrounded by luxury and beauty bloggers. These people always have the latest makeup and skincare products. As someone who has been saving money for the last month or so, I have not been splurging on things that I actually don’t need.

I feel like the blogging community is filled with materialistic things. Some of those things may have been gifted, which is not always mentioned, or have been heavily discounted. What I have come to realize is that while other bloggers are showing off their luxury bags and constantly have the newest makeup trends, I can’t keep up with that.

Not only can I not afford to keep up with buying all this makeup that I do not need, but at the same time I don’t think I want to. I will buy a product if I really want it, but I can’t spend hundreds of dollars every month on makeup that I will never actually use!

As much as I love makeup and trying out new products, this isn’t the reality. Material things are nice, but they aren’t the most important thing in the world. While there are many bloggers who can keep up with the latest trends, I will not be one of them. I respect what they do, and enjoy reading loads of their posts, but I have to stay true to myself.

I am going to continue writing about what I enjoy, and while I enjoy talking about makeup and skincare, I will only purchase new products once in a while.

I hope my little ramble made sense!

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-Melina xxx

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18 Replies to “The Pressure of Blogging”

  1. Love this! I’ve been blogging for a year now and i feel the same way! But dont feel as though you need to be keeping up with the trends/make up. Just blog about what you love and what YOU want to! Its going to help your blog stand out a hell of a lot more if its a little different 🙂

    Keep it up girl, you’ve got this!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I try to push aside any doubts in my mind and still hope that people want to hear what I talk about instead of just the latest trends. I’m come really far since this post, and am super proud of myself xxx

  2. I felt like this also when I started blogging! It’s a lot of pressure on the people that actually focus on more than just the material things. Keep doing your thing girl✨? You’re doing great!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad i’m not alone in this feeling, and i’m glad to have gotten over it! I like posting material things sometimes, but I can’t do it for every post! Thanks so much for reading and encouraging words xxx

  3. Yes! Write about what you love and enjoy, there is no need to feel pressured to spend money on things you dont need just because everyone else seems to be doing so! Things dont buy happiness!

    1. That’s what I honestly believe, and want people to realize this when reading my blog! They don’t need any of these material objects in order to be happy! Thanks for reading :)xxx

  4. As a beauty blogger that focusses on low budget makeup, I’ve also told myself that there is no point in always trying to keep up but to focus on the trends that I actually find interesting and fun, rather than be on top of the latest Instagram beauty must have. Dreamy Insta images with high end props is fun but it is in fact not very realistic, my goal is to do both, dreamy images with props that girls can actually can afford 🙂

    1. Its good that you told yourself from the beginning that you weren’t going to keep up with all trends! You created a realistic blog with posts about products that loads of people can afford and enjoy! Thanks for reading xxx

  5. I’ve never understood in the blogging world why the need for countless beauty reviews. The fact is, if you want to get better at makeup, you learn and practice technique. Most genuine makeup artists in the industry are more concerned about making sure they have the right colours and textures for a wide variety of skin. Again, not judging and everyone is free to post what they want, but I feel like it’s just a trend thing and actually not doing reviews makes you more unique. Stick to you because I think your blog is great ?

    1. My post wasn’t meant to insult anyone who writes reviews for beauty products! But thanks so much for the compliment, and thank you for reading Lauzie xxx

  6. I feel the same. I am a full-time student without job, so my kind of shopping haul is a new dress and a mug at Primark. However, I am trying to not compare myself to those people, as it is totally unrealistic for me to buy a Mulberry bag and have a fancy weekend trip somewhere. I try to reflect that in my blog by writing about day-trips I have had in the local area.

    1. I honestly prefer to read about your mini trip in your local area. I feel like it has a bit more personality to it! Keep doing you girl, and people will love whatever you do. Thanks for reading :)xxx

  7. I feel ya and get your frustrations. I think one of the biggest lies about blogging is that you have to spend a ton of money to produce good content. On some level, I guess it’s just what peoples’ blogs are about, but it’s just not true for everyone. Sometimes yes, you do have to invest some money depending on what your goals are with your blog, and if you can afford buying a ton of stuff and love doing reviews of those products, go for it! But I’m more like you- I’m not constantly hauling huge amounts of expensive stuff. The stuff I buy I wanted on my own and would’ve bought it anyway, blog or no blog, and I have to be picky and choosy if it’s going to cost a certain amount. Buying the latest and greatest that frequently isn’t a priority of mine. It’s cool to read about and see all the new stuff out there, but buying it all would exhaust me! I’m in my 30s with a mortgage, a kid, I’m not a millionaire, and I don’t have that kinda lifestyle where blogging is the center of my universe and can focus on it that intently. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is something I enjoy doing but it’s gotta be done my way, 100%! I like beauty reviews and do them but my fave posts to read and write once in a while are rant posts and life stuff where I actually learn more about someone. I find those kinds of posts have more dimension. Again, not knocking reviews because I love those, but they’re not the end-all and be-all of writing unless of course that’s just what your blog is all about and that’s your passion. People love your blog the way it is so don’t change a thing unless you want to! Keep doing you girl!
    XX Jen

    1. Thanks so much Jen! I’m glad to hear that you can relate to what I’m talking about. Like you said, I really like reading beauty reviews, but I also enjoy reading rants and personal posts a little more! Thanks for reading xxx

  8. You’re right, it is totally materialistic! I do have to ask myself ‘do I really need this? or am I just after it because other bloggers have it?’ sometimes.

    1. I’ve been trying to get over this feeling, because I’ll never have enough disposable income in order to keep up with everything that’s trending! I’ll only spend money on something that I was already interested in and want! Thanks for reading xxx

  9. I feel the exact same way as you. I’ve only been blogging for 4 mothers yet I feel like I have put so much pressure on myself to get the latest beauty products to try, yet realistically I don’t actually need them. I also feel like if I don’t write a post every few days that people will get bored of me, therefore I’ve put more pressure on myself to upload three blogs a week when really many bloggers only upload once. It’s a hard balance but defiantly a very rewarding thing when you get nice comment on posts. X

    1. You have to stay true to yourself and not be peer pressured into what everyone else in the blogging world is doing! Do what you feel comfortable doing. If you enjoy blogging only once a week, then do so! Don’t feel forced to blog more than you actually want to. You should blog because you love it. Thanks so much for reading love xxx

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