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Hey guys! I’m here to tell you the secret to buying inexpensive books online, and nope I’m not talking about Amazon. Over the last year, I’ve added an English minor to my college resume. While taking classes for this minor, I’ve had to buy loads of novels. When I looked at the price of the books on Amazon, it really added up!

About a year ago, a little before I started taking extra Englishes class, my friend found this amazing website that you could buy used books online, The books average out at $3.00-$4.00 a book. For about $10 I was buying about two to three books! As a person who really enjoy leisurely reading, this website is honestly the best.


Now, I know some people might not like the idea of receiving used books, but most of the books I receive are in pretty good condition. I actually received a brand new book once! I can’t afford to buy retail priced books all the time, specially at the pace I read. I’ve bought so many books on here, that I have over 50 books on my bookshelves that I haven’t read yet! My mom gets so mad at me when she sees me order new books when I haven’t even finished the old ones. What can I say? There’s worse things out there than my addiction to buying books and makeup.

Another great thing about them, is the fact that they have free shipping over purchases of $10! That’s crazy amazing. The only downside is that the books usually take about two weeks to get to your house. Therefore, if you’re trying to get a book quickly, I wouldn’t recommend it. Even though I’m pretty sure they have expedited shipping? I’m not completely sure to be honest. If you were to compare these used books to Amazon’s free books, it’s about the same shipping time.

So for those of you that are like me, I really recommend this website. If you get anything on here, I would love if you could tell me in the comments below!


**I am NOT sponsored by this company. These thoughts are my own. **


I really hope you guys enjoy your New Year!

-Melina xxxx

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