Top Drugstore Highlighters.

Hello guys, I’m back again with another makeup post. It’s been a while since I’ve written one, but I finally found the holy grail of drugstore highlighters. Now I’m sure that there are ones that are just as good as these two, but these are the ones that I’ve been using over my high end ones recently.


Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder – Precious Pedals


The first one on the list is a cult favorite. They sell it for $4.99 at target, but you can also get it at your local drugstore. Wet n Wild does not disappoint with this product. Not only is it cruelty free, but it gives you a glow. There is nothing really subtle about this product. You really get a bang for your buck. It has a nice pink tone to it, which I really like depending on the makeup look I’m going for.



Maybelline Face Studio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter – 100 Molten Gold


Now this is another one of my favorites that was actually kind of difficult for me to get a hold of. I went to three or four different targets and a handful of drugstores and all of them had this highlighter out of stock! I couldn’t believe it. I ended up ordering it online from Ulta for $9.99, which is also an amazing price for a highlighter (They do sell it at Target for $7.99 right now).


This definitely has more of a yellow-gold type of color to it, but it is so blinding and so beautiful. This one is also extremely pigmented.


I thought I would tell you guys about these two highlighters, just in case you haven’t heard of them before. I honestly have been using these for the last 3 months more than my Becca Highlighters. If you haven’t already, you guys should totally check these out!

What are your favorite drugstore highlighters? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to add them to my collection.


I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Sending you guys love, strength, and positive energy.


-Melina xxx

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14 Replies to “Top Drugstore Highlighters.”

  1. I simply believe in that Maybelline highlighter, I love that brand…theyโ€™re products are usually pretty good ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Nice review

    1. I honestly love almost everything Maybelline comes out with, and this highlighter is no exception! I hope you try it out. Thanks for commenting love xxx

  2. I have the wet n wild one as well and it is so stunning! Glad you also found this beauty ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am so glad I found it too! I would love if they created a whole highlighting kit! Thanks for commenting Anne xxx

  3. Both look like great highlighters, the Wet & Wild looks especially pretty, including the packaging!
    I’m currently using Milani’s Strobelight Instant Glow Powder!

    1. I haven’t heard anything about it, so I’m going to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  4. They both look amazing but I particularly like the look of the Wet n Wild one. It is great that it is cruelty free as well! xxx

    1. I really recommend it! Specially for that price point xxx

  5. I wish we had wet n wild in the UK, because I would 1000% be buying their products!

    Sophia xo //

    1. do they have a website? cause if they do, I would totally recommend you buy this inexpensive highlighter! xxx

      1. I don’t think so xxx

        1. What’s your favorite drugstore highlighter? xx

          1. I like the Sleek Solstice one xx

          2. I’m going to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation Sophie xxx

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