Tips and Apps to get the best price when Traveling!

As you guys all know, I love to travel. A lot of people ask me how I travel so much! As someone who likes to travel as often as possible, I try to not spend so much money on room, board, and transportation, and more money on excursions and adventures. So how do I do it? All these things can be found handily on my phone! Yes, I’m going to give you the secret to traveling cheap.


Become a member of an Airline

This is an old secret, but it’s still relevant today! I like to travel using a few travel apps, but when the price is very close between two airlines, it’s better to stick to one. That way you gain miles, which can get your perks and free flight in the long run! Recently I’ve been using United. I know that they’ve been on the news a lot recently for some extremely controversial and wrong things, but their flights have been super cheap lately. They’ve been doing everything possible in order to drive sales. This is something that is perfect for us who love to travel cheap. I’m not saying to become a member of United, I’m just telling you what I’m a member for. Any membership will do!

Use Third party flying apps

Another thing you can do is buy flights using third party apps. There are three apps I use in order to purchase my flights. Everyone knows Expedia. I still really like using it! Even if I don’t end up purchasing my tickets there, it’s a good place to get an average on pricing. Another two apps that I love using is Skyscanner and FlyEx. These are apps that I found more recently, but I love them so much. Skyscanner is better for spontaneous trips. I use it to check out where in the world is cheapest to fly to. Sometimes I find flights to Europe for $350-$400! If you haven’t checked these two apps/websites out, check them out because they are serious game changers.

Book Hotels Last Minute!

I know what you’re thinking, Melina, why would you give me this advice?! Depending where you book, booking last minute could be either really great or really terrible. Luckily for you, I know exactly where to look for a place to stay. If you don’t want to stay at a hostel (I recommend you check these websites out if you’re looking for a hostel,,, and I think you should check out hotels tonight app and the hotel coupons app! These apps get you great deals for last minute hotels. I’ve used them when I’ve gone to Washington D.C. and I got an amazing deal at a really trendy and cute place!

Use AirBnB

Now I did mention this is in one of my older posts, but I love Airbnb. This app is so cool, you can rent out a space or whole home/apartment for a really great price. I like this better for when you are staying with a large group of people, because it’s really reasonable. Most hotels don’t have rooms for bigger than 5 people, so when I have groups bigger than 5 people, it’s cool to rent out a space that accommodates all of us! If you haven’t used Airbnb before, save $40 on your first booking by clicking this link right here. Let me know how your experience goes in the comments below!

So these are my 4 tips for traveling cheap. If you have any questions or any other tips, let me know in the comments below! I hope you guys learned something new. Sending you all the positive vibes. Have an awesome day/night.

-Melina xxx

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