Travel Diaries: Birthday, Cruise Day 1!

Hey guys! I know it’s been about two weeks, but I’m going to talk to you guys about my latest trip! I was turning 23, and so me and a few of my friends decided to go on a cruise and have a mini adventure.


Miami aka My Birthday!


On the actual day of my birthday, June 4th, we took a 6:30 AM flight and reached Miami, Florida at about 9:30 AM! The first thing we did once we got out of the airport was grab an Uber and grab some brunch. After brunch we went to the liquor store in order to get some alcohol to bring on the cruise! We finally finished running all of our errands and went to our Airbnb! The place was perfect. It was modern, clean, spacious, and super close to the cruise port. (If you have never had an Airbnb before, you should seriously check it out! Here’s a link to save $40 on your trip!).


We were so exhausted from our flight and long morning, so we chilled on the couch started sipping on some drinks, and watching Riverdale. This show is so amazing and I really recommend it!


After bumming for a while, we all got dolled up, and headed out to El Patio. El Patio is a Latin outdoor club/bar. You have to pay $30 per person to get in, but that money is used as credit towards drinks, so it’s not bad at all. The music was good, the Mojitos were delicious, and it was a super fun night! It was in the Wynwood area, so if you guys are looking for a fun Latin spot, this is the place to go! We went on a Sunday night, and it was so so lit. I have to say that this was such an amazing birthday, and I had such a great time.


Cruise Day 1! – Port Day; Setting Sail

The following morning, we checked out of our Airbnb, grabbed some breakfast, and headed to the port. The port was super unorganized. They are doing repairs so we literally had to wait outside on a line for about an hour in terrible humid heat. There were people fainting all over the place. Once we finally got checked into the cruise, we decided to get some food in the buffet area. It was so crowded and difficult for us to get food and find a table. After eating we went to our room to see if our luggage had gotten into the room, and most of them weren’t there!

We decided to not stress about it and see us sail off on the rooftop. We took lots of pictures, danced a bit, made a fool of ourselves and then went to see if our luggages had finally gotten there! Most of ours had, so we decided to get ready before dinner time.

We went to the Ecstasy dining hall, and found out that we were sharing a table with a few people. At first we didn’t know how to feel about it, but the three of them were really cool! It was this girl Destiny, who was celebrating her college graduation, her brother, Isaiah, who was celebrating his high school graduation, and their mother, Kathy. They hadn’t gotten their luggage, so were apologizing for the way they looked, when it was no bother at all, cause Kim almost didn’t get her luggage either! They were super nice and easy going and we had a really great first dinner!

After dinner we went back to our room and had some of the alcohol we brought we us. We had a bottle of Malibu and went to the club. The moment we get into the club they gave us a free glass of champagne, which we did not complain. The music in the club wasn’t really our taste. It had some good throwbacks, but it was really filled with a lot of two step type of songs. We left the club early and decided to go to casino instead. Erika was literally on a role and was up $30! It isn’t a lot, but winning by 2x what you put in is good for me! In the end we all lost our money, but at least we had fun, aha! After the casino Bina and Jill went back to the room, while me, Erika, and Kim stayed at the bar talking and just having a time. After about 2 AM we decided to go back to the room and call it a night.


This post was much longer than I expected it to be! I tried to make it as detailed as possible for you guys. Come back on Wednesday to find out more about my trip! Sending you guys loads of positive vibes.

-Melina xxx

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11 Replies to “Travel Diaries: Birthday, Cruise Day 1!”

  1. What an amazing way to spend your birthday! You look beautiful and I’m so glad you had a great time. I’ve never been on a cruise but it looks awesome. Enjoy your 23rd year to the fullest!! xx

    1. Thanks so much nicky! Xxx

  2. TheCrimsonCardigan says: Reply

    Aww this looks like an awesome time! I’ve never been on that side of the US, but maybe I’ll get to go one day.

    1. You deff have to come both of the coasts are fun and have loads to offer! xxx

  3. pumpsandpineapples says: Reply

    I’ve never been to Miami but it sounds super fun! It sounds like you had an awesome birthday 🙂

    Also dying over your co-ord outfit. Where did you get it??

    1. I really did:) and i got my outfit from ! Thanks love xxx

  4. gymbagsandjetlags says: Reply

    That sounds like a great birthday weekend! I’ve always wanted to go out on a proper night out in Florida haha

    xx Pia

    1. Let me know what kind of scene you like and i can give you some suggestions 🙂 xxx

  5. Happy belated birthday! The trip looks amazing. I’m sure you all had the most incredible time and you look beautiful. Love your outfit as well. xxx

    1. Thank you! And thanks so much, i got it from 🙂

      1. You can get some really good finds from there!x

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