Travel Diaries: Cruise Day 2 & Jamaica!

Welcome back to my travel diaries! I’m going to continue to tell you guys about my cruise! If you didn’t read part one of this trip, click here!

Day at Sea!

Let’s get right into it! Day two on the cruise was a day at sea. We had the whole day to explore the ship and just bask in the sun. After breakfast, we all decided to go on the deck and tan in the sun! In between the tanning we partook in some of the activities. We took an ethnic Zumba class, which was so fun. We also watched a bartending contest, a hairy men contest, and a few other things.


We also took a naps in between the tanning, hence the terrible sun burn some of us got!

We took our time going to the spa to shower and getting ready for the formal dinner! We ended up looking so cute, and even got a family photo out of it (you’ll see ! At dinner we met our with our new dinner mates Destiny, Kathy and Isaiah. We also got to meet the remaining two people from our table. It was two lovely people who were on their honeymoon! I thought our table couldn’t have gotten any more perfect with Destiny, Kathy and Isaiah, but boy was I wrong when I met Anna and Nate! They were too cute, like a Disney couple. For whatever reason, we also celebrated Jill’s birthday? It’s so funny, they sang her happy birthday, gave her a cake, and put a napkin bow on her head! The funny part is that her birthday isn’t until October. Oh well, we were all laughing about it.


After dinner, we went to our room, had a few more drinks, and then headed to the club. This time we had a much better time because, we drank a bit more than the night beforehand. After the club we wandered around the ship until we went to bed.



The following morning, we woke up had some breakfast and found out that our ship has ported on the beautiful island of Jamaica. We had plans that we wanted to go cliff diving.


We got off of our ship, and looked for a local to help us take us there. We got this amazing older man take us there. It was about a 30 minute drive from the port. Along the drive you saw all the poverty on the island. The country is so poor, and it makes you think all over again about how lucky we are. Not only do we have everything we need and more, but we also have the privilege to travel just for fun.

We finally reached the spot where the waterfalls were at. The moment we got out of the cars, there were vendors everywhere trying to get us to buy stuff from them. We ignored them, and paid to get taken to the falls. The first jump wasn’t scary. The moment you hit the water, you feel the nice cold fresh water on your skin. It was especially refreshing because it cooled the sunburns we had gotten the previous day.

We made our way back up on the rocks, and went to the second jump. This one had a rope attached to a vine that we would swing off the falls! This one was a little more terrifying, but was super exhilarating!

After we jumped from that one, they took us to some caves that were under the waterfalls. It was honestly so beautiful to see what nature has created on its own. All this natural beauty was amazing to be surrounded by.

After this, we took about a 5-10 minute hike to another area where there were two taller waterfalls. It was beautiful. We had to swim across the body of water, where they first took us to this cave full of limestone. They even told us that the limestone is super good for the skin and sunburns so we rubbed it on our skins before our final jump. This was one was super high and honestly super daunting. When I jumped I thought I was in the air forever! The adrenaline running through my veins was crazy after this jump. I’m telling you it was an amazing experience. I actually have footage on my go pro of the whole experience, so I’ll let you guys know when I finish editing it and have it posted on YouTube.

After our adventure, we ran a few errands, and ended up going to the beach. We went to the beach with the locals. The water was amazing, we had such an amazing day in Jamaica.


So this was day 2 and three of my trip! I hope you’re enjoying reading about my trip in detail, cause I’m really enjoying writing about it! Stay tuned for days 4-6! Have a wonderful day/night. Sending all the positive vibes in the world.


-Melina xxx


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11 Replies to “Travel Diaries: Cruise Day 2 & Jamaica!”

  1. Susie sent me! You should go check out the rest of Jamaica sometime! It’s such a beautiful country. I love that place and it’s people.

    1. I definitely plan to go back to Jamaica one day! It’s so beautiful. It’s just sad that there is so much poverty. Thanks for reading xx

  2. beautylifemom says: Reply

    This sounds so fun!! Love the diving/jumping!! Wow that beach looks beautiful. I’m glad you’re getting to travel a bunch! Keep sharing!! Xx Jen

    1. Thanks so much for reading Jen šŸ™‚ xxx

  3. Looks like a blast! I would LOVE to go on a cruise if it weren’t for my sea sickness!

    1. They have patches that you can put behind your ear and they get rid of the sea sickness! Some of the friends I met while on the cruise used them, because they used to get really suck, but at the same time, loved cruises! Look into them šŸ™‚ xxx

  4. This looks like such an amazing trip! I have never done a cruise but it is something that I am considering. It’s a great way to visit more than one place. The photos are all great. xxx

    1. I would invest in a cruise for real! It’s so relaxing and packed with so much fun xxx

      1. Something I will really think about! I nominated you for the self-esteem tag if you want to play along. Xx

        1. Okay, thank you so much lauzie xxx

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