Update on my Bullet Journal Pt. 1

Hey! How you guys doing? As you guys know, I started my bullet journal about two months ago. Surprisingly, I actually kept up with it! So last time I showed you a little bit of what I did. So I’m going to show you how my bullet journal has progressed.

As you can see from the picture above, I was trying to figure out a format that I liked. I made loads of mistakes in the beginning. I realized that the banners were not working out for me, since I am not very artistic. I was extremely basic. I also bought some washi tape, which I added to places where I felt looked bland. Even with the washi tape, it was extremely boring, but it got the job done! I added a little list of songs I wanted to add to my phone.

I went to California for a week, so instead of creating a regular weekly spread, I created a mini collage for the trip. I even put a little Itinerary of what I did throughout my trip!

We finally hit February, and I added this red washi tape, since Valentine’s day is that day. It was still super bland.

This week I did a lot of experimenting with my washi tape. It looks super busy! I really like this week, because this is the first one I feel like I had loads of fun doing. I even created a mini little chart for my goals of the month! I was so excited to see that when I looked back on it, I reached everything I really wanted to!

On the left side, you can see my blogging schedule! This is how I keep track, to make sure that I’m keeping up with trying to blog 2-3 times a week. On the right side, I kept up my normal week spread. Still having fun with using more color.

This is the last spread I’m going to show you, because this shows the end of February. On the left hand side, I let my create a list of healthy snack alternatives, since I started exercising. I will be posting more about it soon! Then on the right, I have the normal spread that I’ve been sticking to.


I hope you guys liked seeing how my bullet journal is coming out! Have a great day/night.


– Melina xxx

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8 Replies to “Update on my Bullet Journal Pt. 1”

  1. I started a bullet Journal two months ago too!! Yours looks really good and way more artistic than mine! I love the washi tape. I also changed stuff around after the first two months, especially with my tracker and daily log! I love figuring it out as I go along, what works and what I can ditch. Love the pics you added!

    1. Don’t you just love it!? I got my Washi tape at Michaels. It was like a 30 pack for $12.99? Something like that, so if you like it, I would deff recommend it 🙂 I’m constantly changing the layout and what kinds of spreads I like and need in my life. I hope maybe I gave you a bit of inspiration as to what you can add to your journal! I would love to see yours one day. Thanks for reading Jen xxx

      1. Gotta love Michael’s!! Maybe I’ll get it together and do a bullet journal post…I started a draft and then deleted it haha

        1. If you decide to make the post, i look forward to reading it:)! Xxx

  2. Sorry that previous comment was me!!

    1. It’s okay! aha xxx

  3. I love this! You said you are not very artistic but I disagree. I have never actually heard of a bullet journal but I love writing and organising so I am going to consider. I like the collage for your trip as well!! xxx

    1. I would really recommend it, because it’s the perfect notebook. You can customize it to do whatever you want it to! I find it really relaxing and fun. Thanks for reading !

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