What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?

Fear stops us from doing irrational things. While most of the time it should benefit us, there are times where it stops us from doing things that could potentially make us happier than we’ve ever been before.

I think before every major milestone I get at least one surge of fear beforehand. This could be because I suffer from anxiety, but this is also because the unknown tends to scare us. Going outside of your comfort zone is a scary thing, but I don’t know where or who I would be if I didn’t take those chances.

While I know that taking changes, and overcoming fear usually has positive outcomes, there are still some things that I haven’t allowed myself to do. So, what would I do if I wasn’t afraid? There are so many things that I would do, but today I’m just going to mention three things that have been on my mind loads recently.

I would write posts on certain topics.


I know I’ve written about a lot of scary topics throughout the past year. You’re probably thinking, you’ve written about depression, anxiety, loads about your personal life, what could you be scared to writing about? While I always take pride in writing what’s on my mind, I also realized that my audience has increased significantly in the past year. There are more people viewing my blog than ever before. I’ve got to admit that this causes a little bit of anxiety.

Most of the time when I’m writing, I try to push away at the thought that other people are actually going to read this, sometimes, certain topics are too personal. Too intimate. If I wasn’t afraid of judgement, I would write about whatever the f*ck I want to write about.

This year I’m going to try to push the envelope and write about more important and controversial topics. Anything specific you want me to write about? Let me know in the comments below!

I would live abroad.


I don’t know why I’ve been wanting to do this so much recently. Maybe because besides my friends and family, I have nothing really holding me back here (here as in NJ/NY). I’ve always been an adventurer at heart. I love traveling and getting to know different people and culture. I’ve been so blessed in the sense that I live in such a diverse area that I meet all different types of people.

While that’s really shaped me into the person I am today, I would really just love to have the chance to spend an elongated period of time in Europe. I don’t know exactly how long I would want to stay. No more than a year, but more than a month or two. One of my favorite bloggers, Helene, actually moved her whole life from Texas to Europe! While it was probably more difficult for her because she actually wanted to live there permanently, the idea just seems so appealing.

What am I so afraid of? I guess I’m nervous at being somewhere with no friends or family. I’ve always lived in the area I currently live in, and so I guess it scares me to be so far away from home.

I would Travel Alone


This is something that scares me from obvious reasons. There are safety reasons, some anxiety related reasons, and the idea of maybe getting lonely? I would love to take a short term vacation by myself. Maybe a week off adventuring somewhere.

Everyone who’s ever taken a vacation alone, tells me that it was one of the best vacations they’ve ever had.


What would you guys do if you weren’t afraid? Let me know in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Sending you love, strength, and positive vibes. Have a great day/night!


-Melina xxx

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19 Replies to “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?”

  1. I loved reading this. It’s true, fear stops us from doing a lot of things, whether someone has anxiety or not, but anxiety definitely makes it tougher. I found that what they say is true, that the more I push myself past my fears and face them head on, the smaller and less significant they become.

    When it comes to writing personal posts, I remind myself that my blog is first and foremost, for me. I write because I want to and I’ll write about topics that are personal or might seem controversial because that’s what I want to write about. I also find it really therapeutic to get the words out there, not directed towards anyone or anything, but out there for me and anyone else who might read it and find it useful or helpful.

    Amazing post and a brave one to write too!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I also find it super therapeutic to get the words out, which is why my blog has become so personal and important to me! I hope that while me being personal with my posts it might help people relate or feel less alone. xx

  2. I completely agree with all of these especially writing certain posts. I’m really into politics/world issues but I try to avoid those subjects so I can keep people happy which is probably not the way to go about things (something I’m trying to change). I think you should definitely keep speaking from the heart. Even if some people don’t agree with you, writing those uncomfortable posts could start some really important conversations. And I feel ya on traveling alone! It seems like it’d be amazing but my chest gets tight even thinking about it. Lol! I’m sure it’s not as bad in reality as it is in our minds though. I watched an interview with Will Smith the other day and he said the best things in life are on the other side of your fear which is such a powerful thought and something we need to learn sooner rather than later for sure! Keep taking steps outside your comfort zone (I’ll be doing the same!) and I’m sure it’ll lead to the most amazing places! xx

    1. Write those posts! I would love to you know your opinion on certain issues. I bet you’re going to get more of a positive reponse than a negative one!
      And yes! Something about traveling alone seems so enticing, but my anxiety starts up with me just thinking about it! Thanks for the thoughtful comment nicky xx

  3. I’d also be a lot more open in terms of blogging if I wasn’t afraid. I do discuss a fair amount, but there is so much more I’d like to, I’m just so aware of people I know in real life reading my blog. Travelling alone is something I’d love to do but highly doubt will ever happen because I’d be petrified throughout the whole trip haha.


    1. That’s how I feel! I’ll definitely work on the other two for sure. Thanks for reading and commenting Kaiesha xxx

  4. It would be so fun to travel and it’s something I really want to do. I hope you are able to visit Europe and love it! xx

    1. Thanks so much love 🙂 xxx

  5. This is such a great post <3 I would want to live abroad as well if I had the guts to. I have my family and friends close-by as well, but I am just like you, a traveller and adventurer at heart and would love to do that. And YES you have to come to Europe and to France, I'll give you all the tips and beautiful places to visit there 🙂
    It makes me so happy to see you mentioned Helene here, she is one of my favorite bloggers as well 😀
    I don't know if I could travel alone, though. The experience has to be amazing, but I don't know if it'd be something for me.
    Loved this post! <3

    1. I am trying to go to France this summer, so hopefully it’ll pan through! Thank so much for reading Marie and the thoughtful comments you always make xxx

      1. YAY, I’ll keep my fingers crossed, then 😀
        You’re so welcome! <3 <3

        1. Maybe we can even plan a mini meetup!

          1. Oh yes that’d be amazing 😀

  6. I can totally relate to wanting to travel alone, one day I’ll push myself to do the same! I think when we live somewhere the idea of living somewhere else especially abroad is so exciting! When I was younger I had a dream to live in New York or New Jersey so I could work at the Cartoon Network Studios in the big city 🙂 x x
    Ellis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk

    1. It’s not too late to come over here and try! Never give up on your dreams! If it makes you feel any better, at least you have a friend over here 🙂 I do live in the area xxx

  7. I came to the UK aged 33 and with my two children. I was excited and also very fearful. It’s one of the best things I ever did.

    1. That sounds so amazing, I bet your were probably so scared when you first made that decision. You are totally goals xx

  8. I’d take long plane rides and allow myself to visit far away places I’d love to see.

    1. That sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?! Maybe I’ll end up doing that too, aha. Thanks for reading xxx

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